Strawberry Macarons! (not macaroons though!)


I love making these! Sadly, I can’t figure out how to make them for real. I`ve tried a few recipes already, but so far, none really worked. They did come out quite yummy, but the colour changed and their appearence aswell. Maybe the colour ruins the mix. Idk. However, I’ve not given up yet, I just found another recipe and will try it out soon. We’ll see. Fingers crossed :).


The ‘cream‘ is a mixture of airdry clay and normal glue. I added some acrylic paint for the colour. It takes a while to dry, but besides that it’s a great alternative to the fuwa fuwa decocream.
It doesn’t look as nice ( in my opinion) and it also feels differently (of course) but I think it is a great, cheaper alternative!


When making this cream, you want to get a quite stiff consistency, but you still have to be able to push it through an icing bag, so it shouldn’t be too stiff! If you mess up just add a little bit more of what is missing, so if it is too runny add more clay, and if it’s too stiff just add more glue. Also don’t get impatient or nervous. It takes ages to mix the two. At least for me, and I am using a spatula. A spoon or something with a flat side might also work. It is also quite clever to use a smaller bowl, or else the mixture will stick anywhere,and its harder to get it off again. And we don’t really want to waste anything, right?




Oh and good luck when trying out making macarons! Both fake or real ones! 😀



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