Soo these are my teabag buddies. Or how I like to call them tbbs. It’s easier and faster to write. soo..^^

These are just two of my tbbs, I’ve made a lot more. For some reason they sell really good, people love them. They hold your teabag. You wrap the teabag string around their neck and prevent the string from drowning in the tea.
I know it’s kind of cruel to wrap it around their neck. But I haven’t come up with an alternative yet.

Also, you could just put them on the mug for company.





I am struggling with new ideas for animals that I could turn into tbbs, I know it sounds stupid, but it’s really hard 😀
So if you have a good idea, please tell me^^

I wish you a day full of tea.!
as long as you like tea, if not forget what i said.


p.s.: how can you not like tea? I find that fundamentally strange.


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