Chinese Food




Just so you know, I LOVE CHINESE FOOD, well asian food in general..well i love all foods in general, but that’s not the point:
There’s acutally a reason why a made this: A really good one if you ask me.



In order to remember to buy some chinese food, I’ll turn this charm into a necklace. So whenever I’m wearing it, I’ll not forget about my desire.

I’ve already done this with :

  • hot chocolate
  • eggs
  • pancakes
  • cupcakes

and tea, but that one was for my mum.

I know what you’re thinking (if someone’s actually reading this…mmmmh) ‘I already make jewelry with miniature food.’ But I make mostly cupcakes and food bracelets, and phone accessories. And this doesn’t really count, does it?


I am planning on making more food jewelry. For myself. And then I’ll have more than just pancakes days all the time. Pancake and chinese food days. sound great..Kind of.



Have a sweet sour day!

mostly sweet of course!



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