Starbucks inspired Coffee Cups

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I made these a while ago, and forgot about them, but I finished them now.
I have to say that I don’t like them that much anymore, but they’re still pretty cute.


I feel like the top looks a bit wonky, which ruins the look quite a bit.
I created one top piece, baked it, and than made a mold for it, so I can make it as often as I want to.
The labels are just copied from the internet and clearly belong to Starbucks®.

(pls don’t sue me.)

tbh I think these labels make a huge difference, since the company is such a huuuuuuge deal. I mean everybody knows it.



Have a nice day and stay awake to …make great experiences?

I should live after this ‘slogan’.


p.s. I love sleep. omg soo much.


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