Cheeseburger in the summer heat


So.. first of all I need to say that summer is a freaking weird word. It sounds nice and all, but it looks wrongly spelled in my eyes.

And now, onto the important topic. I made this hamburger a couple of month ago, actually now that I think about it, it may have been a year this I made this. O god, where did all the time go??, well, I thought that it would be a good idea to start making more proper food, and not just sweets, although I very much enjoy looking at pink sweets. I really can’t explain the joy I feel when I get my stuff out of the oven and look at all these lovely colours.

On another topic, it’s definetly better to eat warm food when it is warm outside rather than cold ice or someting. Our bodies need more engery to warm the cold food up to our body temperature. Which basically means you get tired even faster. As if the summer heat doesn’t reduce our productivity enough already…psht…-.-


have a nice day, and maybe you’ll find krabby patties.

O what I’d give to taste those burgers.



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