To kill a Hummingbird


I know, I know, the pictures are extremly blurry, but since I sold this Item there is nothing I can do about it.. :/ (I took the pictures in a rush )

Soo I created this Hummingbird using polymer clay (of course) and then painted over it with acrylic paint to give it this metallic look. I combined a few different colours, I believe it were brown, gold, black and a darker shade of yellow.
I experimented with the colours pretty much.



Also, for the form, if anyone is interested in recreating it, I can just say that I had a picture of the original thing infront of me at all times. There wasn’t any measuring involved..or at least only with my eyes.



When I was finished I noticed that the back of the brooch was kind of fragile, so I took E600 and put it everywhere basically. Only on the back of course^^ .

That is all there is to say about this..

Have a nice, hunger-free day


p.s. I hope the title doesnt upset anyone..I just thought a little pun would be nice there.


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