Mini Donuts ! ( D’oh! )


So the long-awaited post of my mini donuts is here. And by long-awaited I am referring to myself, ’cause I finished these little fellas quite a few weeks ago. I then took photos ( weeks later), tried to put them on my phone for instagram ( more weeks later) and then gave up, since my computer didn’t want to work. And then I went to Italy to work voluntarily. Not that anyone cares, but that is the best excuse I have for not uploading in months ( I suppose, to lazy to check when my last blog entry was). So I was basically waiting for myself to finally finish this ‘mini-project’. (self-pat on the shoulder).

To celebrate my lazyness properly, enjoy these photos of mini donuts while thinking of nothing but a monkey clapping cymbals.




Before I go, if there are any questions regarding these minatures, please feel free and ask me! yay!


P.S. These are magnets. yay. magnets.


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