The Baking-Dilemma


Hello again!

Like I said in on of my last posts there is a reason why I’ve been absent for so long.

I am going to University now. Well not now … I started half a year ago, but because of that I had to move cities. I live in one of those tiny student apartments, which are rather inexpensive, but do lack a proper oven.

I knew I wanted to start crafting again, and I did try out a few air dry clays, but none of those convinced me. So the only possibility was to get a mini oven.

Research took me a long time, and one of the things that I noticed was that a lot of other clay artists who have tried to bake their stuff in those mini ovens had had bad experiences.

But since this was my own option I finally bought an oven for 90 €. This might seem too much for one of those, but my research had shown me, that if I were to invest, I’d better get a good one. For sure, you could get a cheap one for 20 bucks, but that shit will set a toast on fire. Mine is in the medium price range. But until I got it I was rather sceptical:



First of all let me say that the exterior is really nice. Nothing feels cheap. It has a lot of different options and the temperature goes up to 230°C. Since I was going to use it for cooking as well (if you are frowning at this, I will get to it later) I tried it first on actual food. Everything went fine, and soon after I baked my first creation.

On the web I had read the most horrific things, which made me stand by the oven the whole time, watching the time and temperature. Some people had reported that their creations just burned in an instant, I was so scared. Everything went well again, but let’s be real here. I wasn’t going to do that every time … standing next to the oven, completely stressed out … So I looked on the web again and I found recommendations to thermostats:

IMG_8019I really think this is crucial when using a mini oven. Even though mine is good, it still isn’t the correct temperature. Usually there is a difference of 5 to 10 °C less then I wanted. Which isn’t such a bad thing to be honest, better than to hot.

Now the other thing that I found out was that it gives me safety. As I said I wanted to use the oven for food as well. The problem with this is that Fimo, the clay I use, can give of gas if it is overheated which can be unhealthy. Good thing is you can smell it, so you always now. But because I want to be safe, when I use the oven for food, I make sure there are no strange smells inside. I usually have no problems with smelling clay, but if it was going to happen in the future I would clean the oven out (not a big deal, the thing isn’t that big) and then turn it on without anything inside. Just like I had to do when I got the device first. I haven’t baked that much clay in the oven yet, but I might do that cleaning-part regularly in the future just to be sure.

I am still sceptical on whether or not I am doing the right thing, but I will let you know if I get horribly ill. JK I have smelled the Fimo before in real ovens, and I was a bit insecure about that as well. I am being really careful. Also I am not planning to be living here so much longer, and when I move again I will be sure to check if the place has a real oven ;).

But if you are thinking of getting a mini oven, maybe because you are scared that it could be a health hazard baking it in your normal oven, than I can just say invest in a good one and a thermostat. It is definitely worth it. I will be only using my mini oven in the future (t death do us part).

I am open for any questions.

Happy Baking!!




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