Ice-Cream or what people are looking for.


On my last artsy-fair someone told me I made a lot of Ice-cream.

I think they were right, but mostly because people never bought them, and I just kept making more, because I want to get better, obviously.

Personally I think I am more Cupcake kwazy.

But since I always display my older stuff as well it may seem like a lot of Ice-cream.

I never expect anyone to buy them though, just like to have them there.

Through-out all the fairs I’ve been on, I have noticed a pattern. People always buy one certain thing. So on one fair, I only sold Cupcake-Earrings, on another one only rings.

Then we had a day were I sold fairly anything (pun intended) , and the other week it was all Ice-cream. I think because spring is coming, and people want to look cute and urban..*cough* , but I am still really confused since I NEVER sold an Ice-cream-Charm.


I was positively surprised, I really enjoy making these, and they have been my moms favorite for a long time.


As you can see, those have a blue and green theme, since I made them for the christmas time ^_^’ . But they are popular now. So thats good.


I hope you enjoyed this little sight inside my fair-experiences :).

Oh and let it be Christmas all the time !!



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