Cupcakes and the Lazy Person


If you have ever met me at any fair (what I highly doubt) you will have noticed that I have a lot of Cupcake-earrings. They are my favorite thing to look at. They look incredible cute and put me in a good mood.

But they’re kind of…. a bit of a hassle.. to make. You have to be really precise to make both look even.

But Cupcake-Charms are a bliss. They’re still incredibly cute, but so easy to make. Most of the times I make them at the end of the day. I use a but of scrap-clay for the base, and bake them. And when I have time I put frosting on them after I’ve baked them. They don’t have to look the same or even have the same size. Its incredibly convenient.




Also. In this case I rolled out the pieces of clay I had left , cut the in little bits and used it as sprinkles later. That makes all the Cupcakes in this match look like they belong together, which is also lovely.




Over all are those my favorite charms to make. (Also they sell kind of nice.)



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