..being unconcentrated..

Lola thinks about..

..and burning a day of work.

I’ve just come back from the Oberhausen ‘Kurz Film Tage’ and even though I am tired as shit and uninspired as heck, I finished a work from last week.

And then I fucking burned it.


A lot more mistakes (wrong wires) were made than just setting the temperature to 230 °C !!! But that definitely played into the whole burning process.

Since I’ve NEVER burned anything before I am rather shoked. Mainly because I also tried to make a doll for the first time (one that doesn’t move).

I am feeling sorry for her, because I made this mistake, so I will try to paint her with acrylics to make her look better. I won’t give her up. She has been soo much work !

But yeah.

I will post updates of how much of her I will be able to save, but for today I just wanted to remind you of setting the right temperature! And when in doubt use an oven thermometer. And use correct wires. Those damn wires seem to ruin everything for me.


Okay this was just a little rant-update.

I don’t really think this was helpful, so…

here’s a link to a short-film by Erkka Nissinen that I saw at the film festival which made me go WTF. People were leaving the theater after this film. Warning though. Highly disturbing if you’re not used to finding crazy shit on the webz.

Another film that I actually recommend would be TEENLAND  . One of my highlights this weekend. And more tame! Watch it if you ever get the chance to !

Least favorite thing must’ve been the 2nd winner of the music video award.  Basically just a flimmering screen in black and white. Also I managed to fall a sleep during it. My problem with this is the comparison to other nominees who were definitely (more) amazing!

Okay that’s all I have to say for this weeks Lola thinks..

See ya soon.

Also please like and comment ! I’d love to interact !

∼Lola Who

p.s. we. are. the. flowers.


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