..Rick Astley (Hunt) ..

Lola thinks about..

..hot damn!

Sometime during the last year I was feeling super funny and decided to hide a link to Rick Astleys ‘Never gonna give you up’, to rick roll some unlucky visitor. So far nobody has stumbled across the unfortunate Rick Astley who changed from being a superstar into a internet-joke.

Unluckily for me, the internet is fast, and the joke was already over by the time I decided to make this joke.

Now, I never thought about Rick again, until the other week. And only because I was thinking about not standing there like a total weirdo when someone finds it in the 2022 or so.

And then today I clicked on it again.

I rickrolled myself.

Good dammit.

One time I try to be funny, but since no one ever goes to that part of my blog(or anywhere else, shout-out to my new followers) where the link is hidden, it had to be me who steps into the trap.

But I was saved my slow internet hooray.

So since I was completely out of ideas today (I did shoot 2 tutorials though) on the writing part to be clear, I was thinking it might be a good idea to introduce the Rick Astley treasure hunt ! (the treasure being a trap hooray).

No but jokes aside, the person who finds Rick first will get a handmade Rick-Astley-Chibi from me!  And if that’s not exciting I don’t know what is. (Oh yeah parteeeeyy)

I have made a Noodles ( Robert De Niro) Chibi before, so it will look somewhat like this. I am not a professional Chibi-maker!

All you have to do it comment on the place where you found it and be sure to follow me (on here and Facebook(so we can contact each other)).

It also might be easier if you followed me, as I’ve left a hint on one of my social media sites hehe !

xo, Lola Who

p.s. Link to its a trap ( picture is not mine ! but the blog is cool)


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