…on a lazy week..

Lola looks back...

..and cake.

The picture you can see is a sneekpeek of next weeks tutorial, and some new products that will be on my etsy soon.

I have recreated the cake by angesdesucre. Which was a lot of fun but also quite difficult. Tiny macarons are a pain in the buttocks. You can find out yourself in this tutorial ! Short version : Try to not pock yourself in the eye :D.

My Facebook interaction has been blooming this week, thanks to those cool crafter groups who make it the number one purpose to support each other, as Facebook makes it nearly impossible to be found without using god damn adds. Actually that’s the whole internet.

But I have to say it is lovely to see more of the community and hear about other peoples struggles. That might sound a bit cold-hearted, but it really isn’t. Hearing about problems that have happened to oneself and being able to help out others with your gained knowledge is great! And also it is nice to know others deal with the same shit. For example knowing if what one’s doing/making/creating actually interests the youth ( I should know, but I really don’t dammit),or anyone really . Keep up with those beautiful dragons polymer clay artist !!!!

I also tried to initiate a contest on this blog, but I failed miserably. Apparently treasure hunts are out of fashion or something. Or the price might not be pompous enough, I don’t know, it will stay up until one lucky visitor stumbles across it. It will be like one of those ‘million visitor’ surprises in supermarkets (the ones that only happen in films and tv shows) that must have been planned for ages, but no customer actually ever knew about it.

If you are interested in going on a treasure hunt though, check it out here

Well this was my week…. I think..

Hello to all my knew followers btw ! I am really happy to have y’all on board of my boat cafe ! Actually a boat cafe is not such a good idea if I think about it.. :/ #motionsickness


Lola Who

p.s. I forgot to watch mockingly part 1. lived with the impression that I had seen it. Lying to myself actually worked. truth is horrible.


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