…Dreams and Accomplishment…

Lola thinks about..

…and how the world made some of us think there is no time to find happiness AND money.

(Also. Continuity.)

I have always loved baking. Because I was good at it. Still am, but now I don’t want to be come a baker anymore. Not because of the working hours but the hard live.

Some of you may know, I am young, still in my first year of university, graduated from high school a year ago, and the question ‘what do you want to be when you grow up’ still hasn’t been answered. It also hasn’t decided on one direction yet, still changing every hour.

“But how are you studying then ?!” Some of you may ask. Currently studying art (-education) which leaves me with some options afterwards. It’s not the finest of professions, art I mean, but it is what my parents always saw me doing in the future, and it is what makes me somewhat happy.

But CAKES! I love/d cakes so much, I dream/ed of my own café. But I was always under the impression that you can’t do that without proper education.

Recently I found out that a lot of bakers in the industry who are doing more than well, actually never trained to become one!

Do you now what that could mean? Don’t let your dreams be restricted due to university or schools, just do what you feel like doing ! Maybe you’ll be amazing at it ! Of course there are still bills to pay so do your work, but don’t think you can never do what you dreamed of just because you didn’t learn it.

Yes, school is an important factor for most things, but if your dreams can be achieved on another way, than consider it.

I have met a boy in a creative writing class who was absolutely amazing, but never thought of going further into literature, because he didn’t see a realistic future for himself and I think that’s ok !

I don’t (really) believe in a future for my baking skills, but that won’t stop me from baking and getting better at it. Maybe it will work who knows.

Stop dreaming (sort of). Not all things can be achieved in a professional way. You can not (probably) be a doctor/baker/philosopher/mountain-climber/writer of novels.

But you could be a doctor who bakes amazing cakes on weekends and thinks about philosophy while climbing mountains twice a year and also published their mountain thoughts on tumblr. (That is of course if you’re a dentist or you don’t work at a hospital. If you are a doctor for brains, I doubt you enjoy baking, but maybe writing a desertion about brainy-things. Who knows)

Don’t focus on too many things. Be a master at one, and be great at a few things. Life isn’t as short as you think, but it still isn’t long enough to be a master at everything.

Maybe you’ll become a Julia Child when you go into pension.

DISCLAIMER: All of the above applies to people who are happy with their jobs.

I can’t speak for anyone in tough work situations. Not everyone has an easy live.

But if you believe you could spare the littlest portion of your time and dedicate it to your dreams, than do so. It may open you a new window.

Also fuck social media. Steals your time and your happiness. Those sites are literally screaming : “you will never accomplish your dreams”

Obviously not if you’re under the delusion the world is like candy crush and the next level is relatively easy to reach.

Baby steps. Baby steps.

Also ( racist joke) think about a french person saying ‘I need Happiness’.

What does that mean for myself? Going to finish university with a B.o.A., than follow with my plans, all while I will continue with Lola Who. I won’t have a lot of time, but that’s ok because I know this makes me happier than just using my free time to watch netflix. And in between I might find the time to bake cupcakes. And if not thats ok, I still have my miniatures. ( Also Julia Child Plan)

I hope you could follow my thoughts on this, and don’t feel offend ’cause I didn’t put light on your situation.

I am just putting some thoughts together that fit my generations of first world ‘children’. And some behaviors I have noticed by students at my university.

If you’re interested in this topic or my thoughts, here’s another post I made.




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