Crazy Macaron Cake Tutorial !


Today I will show you how to make a crazy tiny macaron cake!

I recreated the design by this lovely lady (angesdesucre), so if you’d like to purchase an actual amazing cake, go check her out!

You will need:

  1. clay in the colors you preferthumb__MG_8401_1024
  2. this tutorial on how to make tiny macarons
  3. fimo liquid and sculpy TLS →→→→→→♥
  4. some tools similar to the ones in the pictures
  5. and good light.

Let’s begiiiiiiiin !

First form a cylinder. Flatten it on both sides!


Now you have to make the chocolate cream !

I took a little bit of clay (still to much) and put some liquid clay and some TLS on it. You may have to add more liquidy things later on.


Than I take my spatula and cut the clay in pieces.. Depending on your tools you might want to do that before you add the TLS.


This process will take a little way, it als depends on your clays softness.

After a while you can press it and mix it better.


Just try your best.


After a while it should look like this. Continue till all the lumps disappeared.



When you’re finished you can start to add the cream to your ‘cake’.



And then suddenly it looks perfect ! JK obviously skipped some steps. Add a small glob onto the cake and drag it down the sides to get this dripping effect the original cake has.This will be sticky as..h….oney…if your cream is too sticky and won’t move you can add some fimo liquid (not TLS)


As you can see mine is rather big and globby, but thats ok for me, even though it’s not an exact replica of the original cake.


Now it is time to add your macarons. Now, I prefer baking them for 5 minutes before hand, so you can touch them without accidentally squishing them.



I wanted mine to stand 🙂


Decorate the cake in what ever way you like !



I put some sprinkles on like I could see in the reference picture.



Yeah and this is the end !!

I hope you enjoyed this follow up tutorial for last weeks tutorial 🙂

If you’ve got any requests please let me now ! I am wondering about tutorials, as I see now use in making tutorials that have already been done.


Lola Who


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