..on some cake..

Lola looks back...

During the last 3 to 2 weeks, I got a lot more into cake blogs/instagrams.
And pugs, but that is a different story 😀

I don’t know how familiar you are with the Facebook groups and the trouble it is to have a Facebook page, but basically, since it is difficult to find an audience without using ads, groups have been build up to help each other out by liking the pages of group members.

Now, I can’t say yet how useful that actually is because you’re not really getting an interactive audience and that what everybody is really looking for, but that is another story (again).

The people in those groups are from different kinds of craft arts, so you do get a wider mass to notice you (maybe?) but I found a lot of bakers on this way.

In my post on Friday I talked about how I wanted to become a baker myself, so you understand where I am coming from when I say that I find these blogs mesmerizing.

Now I am obviously not new to this community, but I stopped being interested when all those crazy cake sculptors popped out of nowhere, all basically making ‘fondant’ their number one baking tool.
But let’s be real here, fondant is just gross. And crazy cake in the from of faces just isn’t my thing.

Good to know now that butter cream finished cakes are in style again. And they’re so so beautiful.

Lots of artist are using pastels and earthy colors now, as well as real plain, or sugar coated flowers as decorations.

The results are much more beautiful, in some sort more simplistic looking cakes, which at least to me seem more appetizing.

My community of polymer clay sculptors has been doing cake recreations for a while now, but these kinds haven’t been tried out yet.

That might be because of the crazy flower details, or maybe because they haven’t stumbled across these cakes yet, but I tried to recreate a simpler cake by angesdesucre which I have done a tutorial on yesterday.

Click on the picture to see the Tutorial.

Whilest I was modeling this cake I also tried to remake another cake by her, which I like a lot better and the details in this one were a little bit more challenging as well.


I tried to make miniature pretzels, but oh well, I might have to try this again, I believe there is a tutorial on Youtube :).


During the following weeks I will try to make more cakes after the current real cake trend, and I may try to bake some real ones aswell. Though I think cupcakes are easier :P.

I am sick and home at my parents at the moment, till Wednesday *woooh* so I might bake :). Unfortunately university doesn’t get sick and I still have to come up with an new idea for a short film this semester. (The topic is family again, so if you’ve got a plan please let me know, I am lost) So I will see what the future hold for me.

So, onto the next week *heroic pose with a cake knife*


Lola Who


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