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Yesterday I spent the evening making shoebakery inspired sneakers as there is no way I can effort those dreamy shoes.

I will buy a pair in the future that’s for sure, but for the moment my false ones have to do the deal.

While doing that I also made a simple donut painting, which would look lovely in my future kitchen ๐Ÿ˜€ :


And while doing all of that I watched ‘the great british bake off’. For 9 hours straight?!

Don’t shame me !

I had a free day yesterday! So I had it running in the background. Now I am in the mood to bake bread.

But here is a short tutorial for the shoes :

This is how the shoes look :




I wanted to film the progress, but I didn’t have my tripod nor enough space on my SD card.

Basically, what I did was : I painted the white sneakers in a skin color first, I used acryl colors for that, and then later also with acryl I painted the ‘dripping sauce’ .

To make it look more 3D I used puffy paint which didn’t work all that great. but I sort of got the finish I was going for. Unfortunately I wasn’t that happy with color anymore afterwards.

And then I added the sprinkles. I used puffy paint again, but l have to say i am super shit at dots of any kind. I always put to many on. Now I don’t like the look of them so much anymore, as I think the sprinkles overload everything.

I tried making everything better by painting over some sprinkles which made it worse, and then I decided to make some sprinkles bigger, which also didn’t save them.

Kinda unhappy with the finished product, but what ever I tried.

I hope you enjoyed this little failed tutorial, and excuse my different style of ‘Lola thinks about..’. There just no polymer clay related things that I am thinking of at the moment.

But if you’d like to hear my opinion on polymer clay topics please let me know, I might actually have an opinion :P.


Lola Who

DISCLAIMER: This isn’t my idea like I said in the beginning. I made those shoes only for myself.


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