How to Cup with Mold Putty – Part 1


Oh man what a day!

Nearly forgot that I promised you a little tutorial today! It is super small.. but hopefully super effective :P. Also, I have decided to make this a series, so, this is the second Part of my short and quick tutorials all around Mold Putty.

So, on Tuesday I reviewed Amazing Mold Putty and showed how to use it.

Now there are a lot of ways to use it, for example does it make your life so much easier if you have a mold of a thing you make a lot. I have a lot of cupcake bases that I made myself.

Another thing I use/need fairly often are plates or cups. Plates are easy to buy, but cups are a problem, as they’re either too big or to small, or if they’re attached to a plate already you can’t use them to make a mold.

If you’re into making miniatures you also might stumble across different sized miniatures, so one sized (cup) doesn’t fit all. (When does one size fits all ever work right?)

So here is a simple way of making a mold for mugs in any size and shape you want.

You will need:

  • Amazing Mold Putty (duh)
  • clay
  • (ball tool) or back of a pencil


Roll a bowl of scrap clay and then start by making a cone or dome.


Make sure to make it a good shape and also try to leave no fingerprints. The cone has to be smooth so you don’t have to correct each of your replicas. That is just so so annoying believe me. ( I know my pictures are great)


When you’re happy with your shape take a pencil or ball tool and use it (the back) to make an indent in your cone/dome.

This will assure your cup stands.


Now it is time to bake your cup! Really important!

After baking and cooling down you can get the mold putty to make a mold.

I have explained those steps in my review about Amazing Mold Putty so I will not explain it again.


And this is the finished product!


If you want to know how to use this mold now and how to make not only cups but mugs, be sure to follow my blog so you won’t miss the last quick tutorial on how to use Amazing Mold Putty next week!


Lola Who


Heart Cake Tutorial – Polymer Clay


Today I am going to show you how to make this super adorbs Heeeeeart Cake! Wooooh!!!

So let’s start!

You will need :

  • Any clay you prefer
  • Some tools like tooth picks, knife, (cookie cutter )
  • either : limo liquid or TLS or acrylic colors or deco sauce.
  • Glue and magnet if you want a fridge-magnet

Ok, let’s start now.. that we have all the materials!

Roll out some clay and cut out a circle! With a knife or a cookie cutter.



Make a ball of clay in a color of your choice and flatten  it slightly.

Than cut out a heart shape! Make sure the cake is tall enough though!


Place the cake on the circle!


Then use left over clay  of the same color, flatten it out and cut little pieces which you can put next to your cake, so it looks like you just cut off the fondant part of the cake.


Now we have to make the little piping bag! Choose the same color that your frosting will be later!

Form a ball and make on side really thin!


Then flatten out the wider side!


Then do the same thing for the nozzle!


Attach the two parts!


Now it would be time for the oven, if you own deco-sauce or acrylic paint, if you don’t have those, make sauce using TLS and apply it before baking! Here is a little tutorial!


After baking it is time to add the frosting!


I painted my design on with a pencil.



Then I squeezed some sauce onto scrap paper and used a tooth pick to apply the frosting!


thumb_IMG_8812_1024Then I added some other deco sauce to make decorations on the side of the cake.




Now we have to make a wrapper for the piping bag! I used a small plastic bag I found.


I cut out a square from one side, that placed it onto the piping bag to check the size. Do this until you’re happy with the size!


I applied some glue to make the wrapper stay!



Wrap it!!


Tie the bag together using some yarn or other tiny string!



Add a magnet ! And you’re finished! Add glaze if you want.








I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

You can also look on my etsy if you’re interested in this item!


Lola Who

An Ice-Cream Tutorial


Today I will show you how to make a scoop of ice-cream. Which you could use to make banana splits.



This amazing clay


Some sort of tools. Yes one of them is a dentist tool.



Take a bit of clay and form it into a ball.


Please don’t mind my pictures, I had to take pictures with one hand :/


I usually put the scoop onto a small platform so I can pick it up.  And look better at from all.


Take a tool to pull down the sides.


So it looks somewhat like it.


Than make a small ball with alu-foil ! And structure the scoop!


And that’s what it should look like. Kind of 🙂


Than use the back side if the knife to make small indents.


That’s the end result ! I hope you try it out and have fun! And maybe recreate my banana splits.



∼Lola Who

Ice-Cream or what people are looking for.


On my last artsy-fair someone told me I made a lot of Ice-cream.

I think they were right, but mostly because people never bought them, and I just kept making more, because I want to get better, obviously.

Personally I think I am more Cupcake kwazy.

But since I always display my older stuff as well it may seem like a lot of Ice-cream.

I never expect anyone to buy them though, just like to have them there.

Through-out all the fairs I’ve been on, I have noticed a pattern. People always buy one certain thing. So on one fair, I only sold Cupcake-Earrings, on another one only rings.

Then we had a day were I sold fairly anything (pun intended) , and the other week it was all Ice-cream. I think because spring is coming, and people want to look cute and urban..*cough* , but I am still really confused since I NEVER sold an Ice-cream-Charm.


I was positively surprised, I really enjoy making these, and they have been my moms favorite for a long time.


As you can see, those have a blue and green theme, since I made them for the christmas time ^_^‘ . But they are popular now. So thats good.


I hope you enjoyed this little sight inside my fair-experiences :).

Oh and let it be Christmas all the time !!


The Baking-Dilemma


Hello again!

Like I said in on of my last posts there is a reason why I’ve been absent for so long.

I am going to University now. Well not now … I started half a year ago, but because of that I had to move cities. I live in one of those tiny student apartments, which are rather inexpensive, but do lack a proper oven.

I knew I wanted to start crafting again, and I did try out a few air dry clays, but none of those convinced me. So the only possibility was to get a mini oven.

Research took me a long time, and one of the things that I noticed was that a lot of other clay artists who have tried to bake their stuff in those mini ovens had had bad experiences.

But since this was my own option I finally bought an oven for 90 €. This might seem too much for one of those, but my research had shown me, that if I were to invest, I’d better get a good one. For sure, you could get a cheap one for 20 bucks, but that shit will set a toast on fire. Mine is in the medium price range. But until I got it I was rather sceptical:



First of all let me say that the exterior is really nice. Nothing feels cheap. It has a lot of different options and the temperature goes up to 230°C. Since I was going to use it for cooking as well (if you are frowning at this, I will get to it later) I tried it first on actual food. Everything went fine, and soon after I baked my first creation.

On the web I had read the most horrific things, which made me stand by the oven the whole time, watching the time and temperature. Some people had reported that their creations just burned in an instant, I was so scared. Everything went well again, but let’s be real here. I wasn’t going to do that every time … standing next to the oven, completely stressed out … So I looked on the web again and I found recommendations to thermostats:

IMG_8019I really think this is crucial when using a mini oven. Even though mine is good, it still isn’t the correct temperature. Usually there is a difference of 5 to 10 °C less then I wanted. Which isn’t such a bad thing to be honest, better than to hot.

Now the other thing that I found out was that it gives me safety. As I said I wanted to use the oven for food as well. The problem with this is that Fimo, the clay I use, can give of gas if it is overheated which can be unhealthy. Good thing is you can smell it, so you always now. But because I want to be safe, when I use the oven for food, I make sure there are no strange smells inside. I usually have no problems with smelling clay, but if it was going to happen in the future I would clean the oven out (not a big deal, the thing isn’t that big) and then turn it on without anything inside. Just like I had to do when I got the device first. I haven’t baked that much clay in the oven yet, but I might do that cleaning-part regularly in the future just to be sure.

I am still sceptical on whether or not I am doing the right thing, but I will let you know if I get horribly ill. JK I have smelled the Fimo before in real ovens, and I was a bit insecure about that as well. I am being really careful. Also I am not planning to be living here so much longer, and when I move again I will be sure to check if the place has a real oven ;).

But if you are thinking of getting a mini oven, maybe because you are scared that it could be a health hazard baking it in your normal oven, than I can just say invest in a good one and a thermostat. It is definitely worth it. I will be only using my mini oven in the future (t death do us part).

I am open for any questions.

Happy Baking!!



Starbucks inspired Coffee Cups

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I made these a while ago, and forgot about them, but I finished them now.
I have to say that I don’t like them that much anymore, but they’re still pretty cute.


I feel like the top looks a bit wonky, which ruins the look quite a bit.
I created one top piece, baked it, and than made a mold for it, so I can make it as often as I want to.
The labels are just copied from the internet and clearly belong to Starbucks®.

(pls don’t sue me.)

tbh I think these labels make a huge difference, since the company is such a huuuuuuge deal. I mean everybody knows it.



Have a nice day and stay awake to …make great experiences?

I should live after this ’slogan‘.


p.s. I love sleep. omg soo much.

Simple Cupcakes

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Nothing special today. I am making a lot of these simple big cupcakes at the moment. They’re made completely out of clay. Since I am not feeling very creative at the moment, these are still nice and easy and fast to make, and I feel atleast a bit productiv.

And the colours make me happy ^_^
which is nice, so I have that going for me.