Heart Cake Tutorial – Polymer Clay


Today I am going to show you how to make this super adorbs Heeeeeart Cake! Wooooh!!!

So let’s start!

You will need :

  • Any clay you prefer
  • Some tools like tooth picks, knife, (cookie cutter )
  • either : limo liquid or TLS or acrylic colors or deco sauce.
  • Glue and magnet if you want a fridge-magnet

Ok, let’s start now.. that we have all the materials!

Roll out some clay and cut out a circle! With a knife or a cookie cutter.



Make a ball of clay in a color of your choice and flatten  it slightly.

Than cut out a heart shape! Make sure the cake is tall enough though!


Place the cake on the circle!


Then use left over clay  of the same color, flatten it out and cut little pieces which you can put next to your cake, so it looks like you just cut off the fondant part of the cake.


Now we have to make the little piping bag! Choose the same color that your frosting will be later!

Form a ball and make on side really thin!


Then flatten out the wider side!


Then do the same thing for the nozzle!


Attach the two parts!


Now it would be time for the oven, if you own deco-sauce or acrylic paint, if you don’t have those, make sauce using TLS and apply it before baking! Here is a little tutorial!


After baking it is time to add the frosting!


I painted my design on with a pencil.



Then I squeezed some sauce onto scrap paper and used a tooth pick to apply the frosting!


thumb_IMG_8812_1024Then I added some other deco sauce to make decorations on the side of the cake.




Now we have to make a wrapper for the piping bag! I used a small plastic bag I found.


I cut out a square from one side, that placed it onto the piping bag to check the size. Do this until you’re happy with the size!


I applied some glue to make the wrapper stay!



Wrap it!!


Tie the bag together using some yarn or other tiny string!



Add a magnet ! And you’re finished! Add glaze if you want.








I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

You can also look on my etsy if you’re interested in this item!


Lola Who



Lola thinks about..

Yesterday I spent the evening making shoebakery inspired sneakers as there is no way I can effort those dreamy shoes.

I will buy a pair in the future that’s for sure, but for the moment my false ones have to do the deal.

While doing that I also made a simple donut painting, which would look lovely in my future kitchen 😀 :


And while doing all of that I watched ‚the great british bake off‘. For 9 hours straight?!

Don’t shame me !

I had a free day yesterday! So I had it running in the background. Now I am in the mood to bake bread.

But here is a short tutorial for the shoes :

This is how the shoes look :




I wanted to film the progress, but I didn’t have my tripod nor enough space on my SD card.

Basically, what I did was : I painted the white sneakers in a skin color first, I used acryl colors for that, and then later also with acryl I painted the ‚dripping sauce‘ .

To make it look more 3D I used puffy paint which didn’t work all that great. but I sort of got the finish I was going for. Unfortunately I wasn’t that happy with color anymore afterwards.

And then I added the sprinkles. I used puffy paint again, but l have to say i am super shit at dots of any kind. I always put to many on. Now I don’t like the look of them so much anymore, as I think the sprinkles overload everything.

I tried making everything better by painting over some sprinkles which made it worse, and then I decided to make some sprinkles bigger, which also didn’t save them.

Kinda unhappy with the finished product, but what ever I tried.

I hope you enjoyed this little failed tutorial, and excuse my different style of ‚Lola thinks about..‘. There just no polymer clay related things that I am thinking of at the moment.

But if you’d like to hear my opinion on polymer clay topics please let me know, I might actually have an opinion :P.


Lola Who

DISCLAIMER: This isn’t my idea like I said in the beginning. I made those shoes only for myself.