Hello lovely People of the internet!

I have been away for quite some time, and in the last blog post I promised you a follow up tutorial to show you how to use the mold we made in that tutorial.

So here we go:

You will need:

  • clay
  • a ball-tool
  • some tiny knives


First you have to fill up the mold with your clay.

Then remove the clay you don’t need with a knife.


I even removed a bit from the center, so it will easier to form it in the next step.

For the next step you’re going to take your ball-tool, and push the clay into so mold to hollow it out.

When you do this, clay will push up, which you have to remove again.


Use the knife to remove the excess .


Hollow it out even more, until you’re happy with the shape.



Now it is time to put in in the oven for around 10 to 15 min. You want to bake it a shorter amount of time, since you will have to bake it again later on!


When it is ready, let it cool off, and then pop your shape out.


Usually the edges will be uneven, so I take my knife again, to carefully remove more excess and make it smooth.





When your cup is ready we can move onto making the handle for the mug.

Roll out some clay in a thin shape.


Cut it even thinner.


Cut it to the length you will need.


Since our cup is already baked, it is pretty easy to attach it to the inside of the cup.




If it is well attached, move it around, and attach the other side to the outside of the cup.

Don’t press to hard! We want the outside to look fine, and not like the inside.



When you’re ready, you can start adding the tea or coffee or any other drink you want to fill your cup with.

I started by filling the cup with Liquid Clay.

Then I used pastels and a knife to sprinkle some fine powder over the top.



Mix it in using a toothpick!


Well…and then you’re ready!


Now all you have to do is bake it again in the oven for another 20 min. and tadaaaaaa, you’re done! Yeah!


Lola Who

P.S.: I am planning on blogging more often again!

Wish me luck!


How to Cup with Mold Putty – Part 1


Oh man what a day!

Nearly forgot that I promised you a little tutorial today! It is super small.. but hopefully super effective :P. Also, I have decided to make this a series, so, this is the second Part of my short and quick tutorials all around Mold Putty.

So, on Tuesday I reviewed Amazing Mold Putty and showed how to use it.

Now there are a lot of ways to use it, for example does it make your life so much easier if you have a mold of a thing you make a lot. I have a lot of cupcake bases that I made myself.

Another thing I use/need fairly often are plates or cups. Plates are easy to buy, but cups are a problem, as they’re either too big or to small, or if they’re attached to a plate already you can’t use them to make a mold.

If you’re into making miniatures you also might stumble across different sized miniatures, so one sized (cup) doesn’t fit all. (When does one size fits all ever work right?)

So here is a simple way of making a mold for mugs in any size and shape you want.

You will need:

  • Amazing Mold Putty (duh)
  • clay
  • (ball tool) or back of a pencil


Roll a bowl of scrap clay and then start by making a cone or dome.


Make sure to make it a good shape and also try to leave no fingerprints. The cone has to be smooth so you don’t have to correct each of your replicas. That is just so so annoying believe me. ( I know my pictures are great)


When you’re happy with your shape take a pencil or ball tool and use it (the back) to make an indent in your cone/dome.

This will assure your cup stands.


Now it is time to bake your cup! Really important!

After baking and cooling down you can get the mold putty to make a mold.

I have explained those steps in my review about Amazing Mold Putty so I will not explain it again.


And this is the finished product!


If you want to know how to use this mold now and how to make not only cups but mugs, be sure to follow my blog so you won’t miss the last quick tutorial on how to use Amazing Mold Putty next week!


Lola Who

Starbucks inspired Coffee Cups

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I made these a while ago, and forgot about them, but I finished them now.
I have to say that I don’t like them that much anymore, but they’re still pretty cute.


I feel like the top looks a bit wonky, which ruins the look quite a bit.
I created one top piece, baked it, and than made a mold for it, so I can make it as often as I want to.
The labels are just copied from the internet and clearly belong to Starbucks®.

(pls don’t sue me.)

tbh I think these labels make a huge difference, since the company is such a huuuuuuge deal. I mean everybody knows it.



Have a nice day and stay awake to …make great experiences?

I should live after this ‘slogan’.


p.s. I love sleep. omg soo much.