My Work Routine or a Heavy Exposition

Lola thinks about..

Today I am going to tell you a bit about my usual routine while I am working on my miniatures.

At the moment I squish it in between university and work, but my time problems are not what I want to address today.

I watch TV shows. A lot of TV shows.

It’s embarrassing. Well at least it’s better than my youtube obsession that I used to had, but which ended (thankfully) about a year ago, or even before that, when most of the community fell into some content shit-hole. BUT that’s a whole other story (to be told, idk, maybe)

Back to my TV Show problem.

When working I usually have to have my eyes glued onto my miniature, so watching the program doesn’t really work.

So, over the time I have discovered certain shows that don’t really require constant looking as they tell you the whole story and what is currently happening in the dialogue.

To help you understand this phenomenon, I have a little video for you that I found online which explains it quite well. Please ignore the gross ending.

If I talk to people about this and they’re also a fan of the show they get offended quite a lot. Understandable, but I am actually complementing the show here. What would I do without those shows? Listen to audio books?! ( I do that, no worries, at the moment listening to LOTR first book).

Not every show can be a visuell master piece. The way the story is told depends on the viewers as well.

Let’s take one of my favorite shows f.e.. Please remember that’s my personal opinion based on observation.

I love Pretty Little Liars. It’s a great show. It’s mysterious, and I can watch it while working. If you know the show you’re probably wondering what I am referring to. There are indeed a lot of wood running and hiding in the woods, and yes you kinda have to watch this to see the next mysterious shadow person. But the producers prepare you for that. Most of the show is talking and a lot of exposition to inform the viewers about details they might have missed. I think it’s a good concept for a mystery show. Especially since the main audience is relatively young.

So I am definitely not trying to make fun of it. The show works for me this way.

A show I can’t watch while working is Doctor Who (also my favorite show, so I’d never do anything besides) but thats mainly because of the doctors accents, especially the current one. Scottish accent is still pretty hard for me to understand.

I guess a lot of exposition is a sign for ‚badness‘ ( can I.. can I say that?, don’t wan’t to google right now, hope you understand me) for a lot of people who claim to have knowledge in the field. It shows the lack of talent or work the director was willing to put in the movie, and decided that dialogue was the way to go, to tie open story lines together f.e.. Maybe cause it’s cheaper, what do I know.

I recently saw that in Pitch Perfect 2, a movie that is so dear to my heart because I love the first one, but that really made me sad. Might have been the translations though, so I have to see the movie again.

Yeah that’s my thought on this topic.

Here’s a list of shows that I watch while crafting:

  • Pretty Little Liars
  • Gossip Girl ( you might miss a sneaky paparazzi though)
  • 2 Broke Girls
  • Downtown Abbey ( but that’s because there is a lot of talking)
  • Psych (careful, you might miss a lot)
  • The Vampire Diaries
  • Great British Bake-Off ( for inspiration mainly)
  • and some more, I currently can’t think about.

I hope this helped you out !

Here are some audio books I have listened to in the past:

  • Sherlock Holmes
  • LOTR
  • The books of this movie about these monster hunters with Lily Collin and her real life bf in it.
  • Miss Marble

I would love it if you could recommend any audio books to me ! ( especially the ones I could find on youtube.. or anywhere else..*cough*..for free..*cough*


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