Jammin’ around – A tutorial



So sorry for being gone for so long. I was just missing motivation. It’s still not fully back, but I guess I can’t sit around and wait for it to finally come back. Let’s keep busy!

This mini tutorial is from last month when I made the tiny food trays.

Unfortunately it’s not completed so you have to imagine how it good be finished.

Also, not sponsored by nivea ^^, just didn’t notice it was in frame, and now I am honestly to lazy to cut it out of the picture.

So letssssss staaaaaaart:

You will need:

  • clay in a jam colour
  • translucent clay
  • TLS
  • a ball tool

First mix your jam color with some translucent clay but not to much. This way your glas will look kinda realistic.

I am using translucent red clay, so if you’ve got that use it.

Then proceed to make little balls, flatten them, so you’ll have tiny cylinder shapes.

You can also roll the clay into snakes to what ever wideness (?) you prefer.

(can be easier! my clay was to old and broke trying this)


Then roll translucent clay into a snake of the same width, and attach it to the other color after you have made clean cuts on both sides!



To “fuse” both colors together roll the clay in your hand, don’t worry if it gets wider and or thinner, you can always push it back into its shape.





After you have decided on a width and height you can begin to make a dent. Using ball-tools will make this ridiculously easy. If you don’t have one you can use the end of a pen or something. Just make sure its plastic, or you might risk taking paint off of that pen.



Now it’s time to make the “jam”.

I mixed translucent red and TLS together.

Then put it inside.(twss)



I also wanted to make tiny spoons. I made those by simply rolling out silver clay, cutting it in small strikes and then using a ball tool to make a spoon like end. I then added more “jam” to them.


Now.. this is where my pictures end, but here are some pictures to show you where you could use those tiny jam jars.

You can also add tiny labels!



I hope this was in anyway helpful to you!


Lola Who


Tiny Cookie Tray Tutorial


Hello Lovelys!

Today I am going to show you how to create a quite simple miniature food tray, which you could either use in a dollhouse or as a fridge magnet.

You will need:

  • Clay in ‘tan’, ‘white’, ‘silver’ (optional), ‘pink’ and ‘chocolate’
  • Fimo Liquid or TLS
  • Some tools

Let’s begin!


First you need to warm up and then roll out the silver clay!

This will be our baking tray!




Yes I am using a water bottle to roll the clay out.


Now cut out a rectangle.

Then use the left over clay to cut out thin stripes. Those will be our tray border.





Use another stripe and a ball tool to make a spoon!



Put everything aside and begin to mix a tan and brown color to get a woodlike appearance.




Roll it out and cut another rectangle. You can make it bigger than the other one if you want to.



When you’re ready put it aside. Now we can start to make the bowl.

I have made myself a bowl mold. If you don’t know how to make a bowl here’s a Bowl Tutorial that I find helpful. If you wan’t to know how I made the mold, let me know in the comments.


Basically, what I do here is: I fill the mold with clay, cut off the excess and then use a ball tool to make a dent. Then I cut off excess clay again.



Put it to the side!

Now we have to make the cookies!

Take your tan colored clay and roll it out!


I use a tiny heart stencil to cut out hearts, but you can also do it free hand.



After you’ve cut out the hearts, it is time to make the glaze that goes on the cookies!

Mix pink clay (or whatever color you prefer) and Liquid Fimo or TLS!


I used a flat tool to mix as I find it a lot easier this way!


Now you can start putting the cookies onto the tray!




I don’t think you can see it really well on the pictures, but I put some glaze on each cookie!




As you can see I left 3 cookies outside of which 2 have been glazed and one is still naked.

Pick up the tray and put it onto the other rectangle. Don’t forget to add some TLS as it workes as a glue between the two layers!



Now it’s time to put the other cookies onto the tray. Use Liquid or TLS again to ‘glue’ it together.

As you can see I also added some glaze/frosting to the bowl and to the spoon.

Leave the bowl in the mold until after baking.

If you didn’t use a mold it is a good idea to glue the bowl onto the clay without frosting and then bake it for a few minutes. Let is cool down and add the frosting. This way you won’t ruin your bowls form. Then bake it for the missing time.


After baking you can start to clean it!




Use a small knife to go around the bowls edges if they’re wobbly in any way.


Then use super glue to glue it onto the tray!


Let it dry! Then turn it around to glue magnets on the back if you want to.


And this is the finished product!



I hope you try out this tutorial or at least found it interesting!


Lola Who

…a Creative Crisis…

Lola thinks about..

..or is what I am doing useful in anyway?..

Today I wanted to address a problem, which I was struggling with some time ago. You can read about some of those concerns here

I wanted to bring it to the table again, because I saw one of my fellow miniature makers questioning herself in the description of an instagram picture.

And I don’t mean, she was asking herself a question, no no.. She was questioning in which way her work was useful.

And that is when it hit me. Others in my field of art are also thinking the same! (One is never really alone, but everyone always thinks that instead of asking others if their having the same doubts/thought/troubles..smh)

Because of that I thought I’d write a blogpost to maybe help out others who are having similar thoughts.

So is making miniatures useful?!

Not in the literal sense of the word. A miniature literally just sits in a corner and catches dust.

But if that is a criterium for being “not-useful”, than there are a lot of things and jobs for that matter which could be useless.

We are unfortunately fortunate, to have the privilege of living in the first world. A world filled with wealth, so filled in fact that people need things to show they are wealthier than their neighbor. So they buy jewelry..and later electronics.. or expensive porcelain and silver cutlery…

All things that are rather unimportant and not really useful..they’re mainly for entertainment.. ok, yes you need cutlery at some point of the day..but does it have to be silver?

New jobs appeared out of nowhere to fill privileged peoples wishes.

And having a dollhouse is one of those wishes.

A dollhouse filled with tiny miniature foods.

So..there is a need for it right? Because some people are asking for it.

But is it..”useful”?

No. That is at least my opinion. Yeah sure your work might make someone happy.That#s a ‘useful’-trait. But that isn’t really what you want the answer to this question to be, is it?

NO it’s not helpful in a way that you’re helping poor Children in need. Your work is not curing diseases or solving world hunger.

But you know what. So is a lot of work! And you’re privileged to live in a place where people want to buy miniature food (jewelry) and making those people happy has/is a purpose. So stop complaining!

For me personally it was never in sight to be anything else than a art person. In our world they’re is no need anymore for certain jobs, but on the other hand there is a need for different new jobs f.e. Digital Design.

And yes it is weird thinking that you can’t really save the life of your neighbor if something ever happened to them.. But a lot of people can’t do that. You’re not the only one!

A film that I really recommend, which also touches on this topic is : “Hector and the Search for Happiness” . The movie has a whole lot to say in general. Definitely a ‘must-watch’.But basically it’s about a psychologist who’s looking for what makes people happy. And at one point he asks whether or no his profession is actually of need.

Let’s put it like this:

If what you’re doing makes you and other people happy than that’s a good thing! Even if the happiness comes from being a privileged brat who is able to spend their life doing something they really really love. Like Crafting.

If this thought is still bothering you, look into project that you could help out or donate a certain % of each item you sell to a charity that you like.

That’s at least what I am doing at the moment. Looking for a project.

Let’s help out in our area. We can’t all be doctors without borders. Mostly because we are no doctors…

But there was another answer to the original question which was left by a different lovely ‘colleague’ who replied to her saying something around the lines that Art is never useless or unnecessary…

Which is definitely a way to look at the topic.

Personally, as someone who is studying Art (oops ikr) I do believe that there can be useless art which isn’t really saying anything. There is a reason why a lot of modern and contemporary art is provocative and really important for our society.

I like to look at art with the question..does it change anything? And a lot of the times it does..in my way of thinking for example. Or even looking at it in a certain way.

Is miniature food.. changing anything? Yeah. I guess it is changing work techniques. And interests of people. And all in all..clay as it is gives everyone a great creative outlet. But does miniature food change our society in any way? Mostly not I believe. But does it have to? Maybe..maybe not..That depends on your own views of Art and what you expect to get out of it.

But the whole ‘What is Art’-Discussion is a whole different book.

So let’s get back to the point.

If you’re feeling like your work is useless or unnecessary in anyway change that! In a way that gives you enough reason to continue what you’re doing.

For me that is indeed looking for an organisation to help out, and always remembering : There are people I bring joy to in this world. And if I am not working for those few people what would be the purpose.

Stay happy people! And don’t suppress thoughts. Find solutions to your problems and solve them.



..on some cake..

Lola looks back...

During the last 3 to 2 weeks, I got a lot more into cake blogs/instagrams.
And pugs, but that is a different story 😀

I don’t know how familiar you are with the Facebook groups and the trouble it is to have a Facebook page, but basically, since it is difficult to find an audience without using ads, groups have been build up to help each other out by liking the pages of group members.

Now, I can’t say yet how useful that actually is because you’re not really getting an interactive audience and that what everybody is really looking for, but that is another story (again).

The people in those groups are from different kinds of craft arts, so you do get a wider mass to notice you (maybe?) but I found a lot of bakers on this way.

In my post on Friday I talked about how I wanted to become a baker myself, so you understand where I am coming from when I say that I find these blogs mesmerizing.

Now I am obviously not new to this community, but I stopped being interested when all those crazy cake sculptors popped out of nowhere, all basically making ‘fondant’ their number one baking tool.
But let’s be real here, fondant is just gross. And crazy cake in the from of faces just isn’t my thing.

Good to know now that butter cream finished cakes are in style again. And they’re so so beautiful.

Lots of artist are using pastels and earthy colors now, as well as real plain, or sugar coated flowers as decorations.

The results are much more beautiful, in some sort more simplistic looking cakes, which at least to me seem more appetizing.

My community of polymer clay sculptors has been doing cake recreations for a while now, but these kinds haven’t been tried out yet.

That might be because of the crazy flower details, or maybe because they haven’t stumbled across these cakes yet, but I tried to recreate a simpler cake by angesdesucre which I have done a tutorial on yesterday.

Click on the picture to see the Tutorial.

Whilest I was modeling this cake I also tried to remake another cake by her, which I like a lot better and the details in this one were a little bit more challenging as well.


I tried to make miniature pretzels, but oh well, I might have to try this again, I believe there is a tutorial on Youtube :).


During the following weeks I will try to make more cakes after the current real cake trend, and I may try to bake some real ones aswell. Though I think cupcakes are easier :P.

I am sick and home at my parents at the moment, till Wednesday *woooh* so I might bake :). Unfortunately university doesn’t get sick and I still have to come up with an new idea for a short film this semester. (The topic is family again, so if you’ve got a plan please let me know, I am lost) So I will see what the future hold for me.

So, onto the next week *heroic pose with a cake knife*


Lola Who

Crazy Macaron Cake Tutorial !


Today I will show you how to make a crazy tiny macaron cake!

I recreated the design by this lovely lady (angesdesucre), so if you’d like to purchase an actual amazing cake, go check her out!

You will need:

  1. clay in the colors you preferthumb__MG_8401_1024
  2. this tutorial on how to make tiny macarons
  3. fimo liquid and sculpy TLS →→→→→→♥
  4. some tools similar to the ones in the pictures
  5. and good light.

Let’s begiiiiiiiin !

First form a cylinder. Flatten it on both sides!


Now you have to make the chocolate cream !

I took a little bit of clay (still to much) and put some liquid clay and some TLS on it. You may have to add more liquidy things later on.


Than I take my spatula and cut the clay in pieces.. Depending on your tools you might want to do that before you add the TLS.


This process will take a little way, it als depends on your clays softness.

After a while you can press it and mix it better.


Just try your best.


After a while it should look like this. Continue till all the lumps disappeared.



When you’re finished you can start to add the cream to your ‘cake’.



And then suddenly it looks perfect ! JK obviously skipped some steps. Add a small glob onto the cake and drag it down the sides to get this dripping effect the original cake has.This will be sticky as..h….oney…if your cream is too sticky and won’t move you can add some fimo liquid (not TLS)


As you can see mine is rather big and globby, but thats ok for me, even though it’s not an exact replica of the original cake.


Now it is time to add your macarons. Now, I prefer baking them for 5 minutes before hand, so you can touch them without accidentally squishing them.



I wanted mine to stand 🙂


Decorate the cake in what ever way you like !



I put some sprinkles on like I could see in the reference picture.



Yeah and this is the end !!

I hope you enjoyed this follow up tutorial for last weeks tutorial 🙂

If you’ve got any requests please let me now ! I am wondering about tutorials, as I see now use in making tutorials that have already been done.


Lola Who

…on a sunny week in April…

Lola looks back...

..in which she did all things in a new way.

This week I created quite a few things, and I made an effort to properly take care of all my social media accounts that are associated with Lola Who/ LolaWhoCharms.

My journey to success and great content will be a long one, but I am working on new ideas !

So far I’ve decided to post on this blog three times a week, under the categories : Lola thinks..; Tutorials and Lola looks back..

In the first one I will talk about my thought on techniques, products or new news in the polymer clay community.

In the second one I will show a simple tutorial.

And in the last one ( which is this one right now) I a, going to look back on something.

If you have ideas or tips for any of these topics please let me know ! I would love to hear your thoughts !

But for today we will look back on my past week:

I went home this weekend and created some new Tea-Bag-Buddies for the shop in Berlin  where you can find some of my creations! If you ever have the chance to stay in Berlin please check it out !


Those are my friends of the week, I made a few more, but I didn’t have time to take pictures on till now.

Also in this week I started doing more decoden again !

I actually started last week, but this week was big for me !


I made four boxes that will appear on my etsy by next week !

So stay tuned if you are interested ! This orange beauty is already available !

Next on I made some phone accessories which where waiting so long to be finally finished !

I hope you like these ! I enjoy them a lot !


The colors are all lilac, but if you are interested in other ones please contact me ! You can finde these one here !

Before that I finished those accessories that can also be put on your phone !


I made quite a few ! You can finde more here !


Here is another friendly face of a TBB ! I think I will also put them on etsy, to see how they will do !

I also finally got around to use this book mark which I had saved for soo long !

I like how it turned out. 


I chose the colours to match the bronze look. You can find it here if you’re interested !

I hope you enjoyed this look back on my week, and stay tuned for my upcoming projects !

∼Lola Who

That’s tutorially Bananas


G’day fellow crafters !

Today I will show you how to make super cute Banana-Splits!


If you don’t have the parts to do this, you can either buy those online, or you can make them yourself with clay.

I might do a tutorial on making everything from scratch in the future.

You will need :


Tiny Pipe and plastic bag


Some sort of cream. I use this, as it is really good.


Some sort of plate, either buy one or make it.


Bananas and ice-cream.


I understand that this might be diffcult to make if you’re a beginner so here is youtube-tutorial so you can see how to make the Ice-cream scoop. The banana on the other hand is quite simple, just try to make the shape, and then texture it by making some slight cuts into the clay with a tool.




Begin by inserting the pipe in the bag. Make sure to cut a hole into one edge of the bag before.




Secure with scotch tape !




Role the end of the bag like this so nothing can run out !


Here is another close up of the bananas.




Pipe the cream onto the plate in the little ‘cream dots’



Like this !


Then put the Bananas on there ! When the Cream dries everything will be super strong !


 Now add some cream to a side you prefer to put the ice cream scoops on.


Choose a colour combination you like !



Here you can see that I chose to do different designs.



Then add more Cream, if you’d like.




You can add sprinkles to your creation.


To put on the sprinkles I wet the end of a paint brush.


And then I dipped it into the micro pearls.




The you can easily place it onto the cream without making a huge mess!



FINISHED!  You can leave it like this  and use it for miniature doll houses

f.e. or you can glue a ring on the bottom when its all dried out.


I choose to put a head-pin into it to make those Banana-Splits into necklaces.


All done !

If you enjoyed this please let me know!

If you’re interested in buying those, I have listed them on my etsy !

∼ Lola Who 

A deco tutorial.


Today I won’t show you how to put decor on a wall or so, but how to decorate a phone case in a decoden style !

You will need :


A Phone case!


Silicone ! And a silicone pistol , if needed!

In my country silicone is packaged in this manner, and its really annoying because you need a “pistol” to push the silicone out. 


ooh silicone. *heuheuheu* iykwim

If you use the pistol, the silicone will come out.


Nicely shaped cake-making thingy. And a plastic bag

How is it called, I totally forgot.

Pipe, pipe..
what ever, onto the tutorial !!

Grab everything listed above and lets start !

First you have to cut one end of the plastic bag. But just a bit! Don’t make the hole too big. you can always make it bigger, but you can never make it smaller. I feel like this could refer to a lot of things.



Then you have to put the pipe thingy in the bag and put it through the hole. It is not supposed to fall through it!


ooh its in

Then tape the pipe thingy to the bag to secure it ! Use as much tape as you need.



Then you can put the silicone inside the bag, this can be messy sometimes, but this time it wasn’t.


put the pistol in and pusssshh *heuheuheu*


this is what the pistol looks like

Put as much in it as needed. I usually put too much in it, but thats better than having not enough, since the bag gets messy inside, and putting more in after you’ve alread started is a pain in the buttocks.



Then push the silicone through and do a few test rounds before you start putting it onto the case.
Every silicone is different, and some can be liquider than others. Mine here was really cheap and therefore not so nice,and kind of hard to push through the pipe.


Look ! it works !

Unfortunately I only had flexible cases on hand, and I needed some special plastic glue.


I need this glue.

¡If you have a hard case cover you wont’t need this glue !


This one

Here you can see how flexible my case is. Without the glue the silicone would come straight off on the first use.


my case is flexible, which isn’t that good.

If your silicone is smoother you can do different shapes of frosting-art on your case, but mine was horrible to work with so i just made some straight lines across.


Put the silicone on !

After you have put on the silicone you can decorate the case in whatever way you like.
I have these decorations, that I made for decoden.


This is what i put on my case !

This is the design I choose.
You can either leave it like this or put glitter, rhinestones or half-pearls on it.


I decided to put half-pearls on it, to correct some mistakes I made and to fill out some spaces.


Depending on the silicone you use, it will take different drying times. Mine will probably take forever.

But this is how you do it !

Make you own phone case that is super kawaii !!


P.S. don’t forget to clean your pipe thingy ! you can throw away the bag, but the pipe thingy should be used a lot of timse. I wouldn’t recommend to use it for cakes after you have done this though. 



When I was looking for Valentines desserts I stumbled across strawberry cookies.

I thought they were extremely cute, and recreated them. ( The link will show you just one recipe I found helpful. )



Unfortunately I didn’t have pastels that night, so I couldn’t make the cookie look more cookie-ish and or realistic.
Maybe one could achive that look by painting them with acrylic paints after baking, but I haven’t tried that.

I am happy with the more cartoonish look they now have.

The white dots (what are those called on a strawberry) are made with deco sauce that I ordered from japan. I have the sauce in white, brown and pastel pink, and it is really nice to use. You can find it on here. ( and a lot of other lovely things aswell!)



Two of the Strawberry Cookies have been turned into rings (one has been sold yay) but I still have four left and am unsure what to use them for. I thought making them into necklaces would be a sweet idea.

If you have any other ideas what I could use the cookies for please let me know!

Now that I am thinking of the cookies, I might make them irl.



Life of Pie


Pies !! Also I am aware that the title is extremely original…..  …… …… I took some bottle-caps with me at the last party I went to and decided to make some pies.


It took me more than a week to finally get around to making these, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. I had some blue TSL-Clay mix leftover (I still have) from a project I totally messed up, so I made some blueberry pie. The color is kind of off, but whatever. Also the blueberry bits disappeared during the baking, so the filling doesn’t have a lot of structure which is a shame. All in all it was quite a messy project. TSL is sticky as hell.


The dough color is hand mixed, and also kind of off. You can say I really didn’t have a hand for colors that day… Those pies were more or less an experiment. As you can see in the first picture I also tried different thicknesses of the ‘dough’ . I prefer the thicker on has the pie seems more vivid. Which pie do you prefer?

_MG_8035 _MG_8034

The cake-pieces that you can see in the pictures will appear really soon on this blog. I hope. My posting schedule has been a bit off lately as well ( everything is off OMG) but as I am mostly writing for myself..I don’t think anyone really notices.