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Hello you!

To keep up with my original schedule, I am going to present you a review on the ” AMAZING MOLD PUTY”.

If you’re unfamiliar with this magical tool, this will make your day (hopefully).

All the others who have already had the chance to use this magnificent tool can hopefully agree with me that it is our duty to introduce everybody to it!

Let me explain:

Mold Putty is a two component silicone-mold-making…-putty..

Wow great explanation. šŸ˜€

Maybe it will be easier to show you:

These are the two components that you need to mix together.


To make a mold you first need to have something you want to make a mold of ready, and next to you. Then you need to take equal sized amounts of the yellow and white putty. Ā Rolling them into little balls usually help. You also don’t need to be too fast with this, as the putty won’t dry so fast before you mix it.


When you have decided on your amount of putty, don’t forget to keep the size of your object in mind, Ā it is time to mix the too.

Now starts the timer of 3 MINUTES!!!

Mix fast and well!


For it into a ball, this is an easier technique.


Then take your object and press it gently into the putty mix.


Press it down carefully until the sides are in the mold.


If your object has delicate pattern, press the mold a bit harder on those places.


Also, never cover your object to deep in the mold, when you use the mold with clay the clay should get easily out of the mold, without ruining the shape again. The only way to use those kind of molds is to bake them with the clay in the oven. This is possible without releasing toxic gas.

After you you’ve finished, it’s time to wait 20 minutes. That’s at least what it says on the instructions. Personally I find it better to wait an hour or so before using it.




When taking it out your mold should look like this :



This is the end result. Now you can fill the mold with clay and make more ice-cream cabochons for example!

Amazing mold putty is a great tool to use! It is ridiculously easy to use and makes crafting so much easier!

Unfortunately it is only available in the US, not in Europe, so buying it here over at amazon or so will Ā result in the set being a bit more expensive. I know about other mold making sets that are available in Europe, and if I ever get the chance to use those I will do a review. For now I am super happy with this set!

In the next post I will show you how to make a mold of an object that you made yourself with clay. So stay tuned! (?)


Lola Who


…doing a review…

Lola thinks about..
The new packaging of fimo clay is truly amazing! I just love it so much!
Finally they made it so youĀ can close it again!
Also its seems that the texture of the clay has changes a bit, Fimo Effect is a bit too soft for me at the moment.
But back to the packaging.
You can see here, thereĀ are little instructions that tell you how to open and close it correctly.
I have opened it mostly without ripping the packaging , but it has happened.
But now there isĀ more plastic packaging to cover the clay, even if you ripped it, so you donā€™t have to worry about that.
IĀ try to open it like thisĀ :
And then you can cut it into pieces!
I still havenā€™t found out how to close it again correctly, but this is what I do :
I just close the ends together like it was before!
You can totally leave it like that or you could do the following:
Now its extra tightly closed.
It works, so its fine by me.
The clay obviously is still exposed to air, which isnā€™t all that bad, but if you want to prevent that just put it in an air-tight bag.
But personally I am totally happy with the new design of Fimo,the new plastic doesnā€™t break that fast, and Ā I donā€™t have to use extra foil to cover my goods.
Let meĀ know about your opinion on the packagingĀ and if you have found another way to close it !
Maybe there is a tutorial by staedler on it, I donā€™t know. Who needs instructions anyway,huh? amirightamiright?
Lola Who
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