A motherly Tutorial


OK, so mothers day is on sunday so I thought I’d make a super quick and easy tutorial that anyone could totally do! So if you’ve forgotten about mothers day and you just need a quick idea this is perfect for you !

So let’s start!

You will need :


magnets !( if you wanna make magnets!)


SOME CLAY! the colors that you prefer 🙂

First you have to warm-up your clay!

So make a ball !


Than you have to form a cylinder shape ! Kind of like this :


After that try to make one end slightly more narrow. So it looks more like a cupcake base:


Than take a tooth pick to make small indents int the base, to make it look like a cupcake wrapper:



Make the indents all the way around! Try to leave the same space in-between them !


Now onto the cake bit of the cupcake : Roll and form :


Since it need to fit the base, eye-measure if the size of your clay seems ok :


Than flatten out the ends to make a hill-shape :


Size check again just to me sure !!


You can see that the „hill“ doesn’t line up with the base, but thats ok , because in the next step, you will take a bit of rolled up aluminium-foil, and structure the hill :


It should look something like this. If you want more structure you could use your tooth pick to add more. just make sure you use the other side or a new one, sometimes the color rubs off.


Than pick it up. Mine got stuck to the glass I work on, so I used a knive, But if you’re to young you can use a piece of paper, or asked an older person

(not your mother though)


As you can see it now fits perfectly ! 🙂


I used the tooth pick again to structure the bottom/edge more, as I didn’t reach it with my alu-foil.



Now onto the frosting !!!


Make a roll !


Then make a snail-house on top of your hill _



I noticed that my roll was to thin, so I made it again but bigger. But do what you prefer.


Nearly finished ! Just add a cherry on top ! (Maybe) If you want to make your piece into a charm add an eye pin now !


Now you have to bake it for 30 minutes with 110°C ! You can notice in my pictures that there is quite a bit of dirt, I will show you how to get rid of that after baking ! While it’s baking please finish reading this! It is important that you  don’t let your clay piece cool down completely after baking.

After baking your creation should look the same :D. If you want to make magnets follow my lead 😀


Take your clay out of the oven, but be careful it will be hot!

After a few seconds it will cool down and you can take it in your hand to cut it ! It should still be warm if you cut it ! That way it’s easier ! If you’re not old enough to use knifes , you can ask an older person. Again don’t asked your mom 😀 .


Now you have two cupcakes ! MAGIC


Now you can add the magnets. Use any you have at home or you can buy them at the shop.


Mine are from amazon if you’re wondering.

No to the glue. I use special glue, but you can totally use super glue.

Depending on your age, please asked someone to help you. You don’t want to glue your fingers together, that wouldn’t be a nice surprise for your mother 😀


Before glueing I cleaned my pieces but thats up to you.

You can either use an exacto-knife or, what I recommend for safety reason, is nail polish remover!  Just wet a q-tip with it and then go over the dirt, it should remove it, if it’s not to bad.



Perfect. !


Now to the glueing part.


Also, I broke one of my pieces, but you can super glue that, so don’t worry !


Fixed !


Than I glued the magnets on. ! I recommend putting the glue on the surface thats bigger, so you definitely don’t glue your fingers ! For me it was the cupcake.


After you’ve let it dried completely you can glaze it ! if you have Fimo-glaze use that one, and if you haven’t got that you can use clear nail polish !


All finished ! Yay! ( I didn’t have much time when I did this, so there is still dirt on the left one.. whoops.)


I really hope that helped you out, if you forgot about mother’s day ( its on the 10th of May)

And even if you’re doing this for another occasion, I still hope you can surprise someone, ore yourself with your skills 🙂

∼Lola Who

P.S. : Here’s a picture of those super strong magnets ! WOW! also excuse my ugly ass thumb.



..Creativity and Fame (and the right reason?!)

Lola thinks about..

Today I want to talk about a topic that has been close to my heart for some while now, and even though I’ve been looking at it from different perspectives I am still confused. 

I have been active and inactive on Instagram and my follower count shows that.

So since I have decided to give all of this a second try, I looked more into the accounts of people of my community who have thousands of followers. 

Now let me say. The ones that have the biggest follower count are the most active and also the most hard working. Some of them put all of their heart and time into making their business grow. And some of them managed doing that in a really short amount of time. 

I can just assume how much money and where they spent that money to get enough recognition, but that is not really important for me. 

I am mostly wondering about people who have 2-4K Followers. 

For me that is a giant number. For you it might not be, but those people make good business with their account. 

Most of them are still in high school, and can use the money they make for their future, so what they’re gaining isn’t really a monthly income, more like big pocket money. 

But as some of them are still in high school, they’re still developing their skills, which can sometimes be underwhelming. So why do they have this follower count, when there are many people out there working harder and having more skills? People who decided to make polymer clay their job. And who don’t have the recognition they deserve.

NOTE: For me it’s still a hobby.

Personally I just want to make a enough money to live independently from my parents, which have to give me money even though I will have a job by next month and even though I am living in a student apartment, which are cheaper than normal apartments. 

So making a few extra bugs each month would really help me out, so for that I started looking into online shops again. 

If you’re thinking this is a shallow reason to start doing this again I must assume you’re still to young to live on your own. 

I have been going to fairs/shows to sell my jewelry for two years now, and had the most fun doing this, even though I rarely got the rent (for standing there) back. 

Displaying my Creations on the internet was more of a burden though. So I didn’t do that often. 

But now that I’ve given myself a purpose with this internet thing, and an actual schedule making me treat this hobby more like a job I am enjoying this ‚job‘ quite a lot. 

My ideas which had been buried under self-consciousness the past year have come back, as I am thinking what can I do to pop out between all the other talented people. 

Coming up with new ideas every week gives me extreme creativity flows which haven’t turned into rivers, but who knows that might happen. 

Sometimes doing things just for the fun of it doesn’t get you were you want to be. 

But sometimes doing it to stand on your own feet, or to stand out from the crowd, or to be famous can give you enough purpose to actually find the (long lost) fun (again). 

I am happy with my decision and willing to keep going until I am where I want to be. I want to inspire and I want to live happy with my work. 

And I am onto the second point already.

And even though I still don’t understand what makes people more famous than others that might be even better, I will work on myself and do what I can to reach my goals instead of envying others. 

Creativity and the life of Artists is full of rivalry and sadly not romantic at all. Doing things for ‚good‘ reasons might not satisfy you and that is totally o-k-a-y! Give yourself a reason that gets you going and start. And if that is to ‚become crazy internet-famous‘ as the lovely Ben Cook says, than do so. But please don’t forget to be kind to people on your journey because you can’t make it on your own. Sometimes everybody needs help. 

If this text-post helped you in any way ( i hope) please let me know and share my work with friends ! It would really really really lik-e help me!

And if you have had doubts about your reasons to begin with something, fucking start doing what you want to get where you want to be ! 

Lots of love !

∼Lola Who

…on a sunny week in April…

Lola looks back...

..in which she did all things in a new way.

This week I created quite a few things, and I made an effort to properly take care of all my social media accounts that are associated with Lola Who/ LolaWhoCharms.

My journey to success and great content will be a long one, but I am working on new ideas !

So far I’ve decided to post on this blog three times a week, under the categories : Lola thinks..; Tutorials and Lola looks back..

In the first one I will talk about my thought on techniques, products or new news in the polymer clay community.

In the second one I will show a simple tutorial.

And in the last one ( which is this one right now) I a, going to look back on something.

If you have ideas or tips for any of these topics please let me know ! I would love to hear your thoughts !

But for today we will look back on my past week:

I went home this weekend and created some new Tea-Bag-Buddies for the shop in Berlin  where you can find some of my creations! If you ever have the chance to stay in Berlin please check it out !


Those are my friends of the week, I made a few more, but I didn’t have time to take pictures on till now.

Also in this week I started doing more decoden again !

I actually started last week, but this week was big for me !


I made four boxes that will appear on my etsy by next week !

So stay tuned if you are interested ! This orange beauty is already available !

Next on I made some phone accessories which where waiting so long to be finally finished !

I hope you like these ! I enjoy them a lot !


The colors are all lilac, but if you are interested in other ones please contact me ! You can finde these one here !

Before that I finished those accessories that can also be put on your phone !


I made quite a few ! You can finde more here !


Here is another friendly face of a TBB ! I think I will also put them on etsy, to see how they will do !

I also finally got around to use this book mark which I had saved for soo long !

I like how it turned out. 


I chose the colours to match the bronze look. You can find it here if you’re interested !

I hope you enjoyed this look back on my week, and stay tuned for my upcoming projects !

∼Lola Who

That’s tutorially Bananas


G’day fellow crafters !

Today I will show you how to make super cute Banana-Splits!


If you don’t have the parts to do this, you can either buy those online, or you can make them yourself with clay.

I might do a tutorial on making everything from scratch in the future.

You will need :


Tiny Pipe and plastic bag


Some sort of cream. I use this, as it is really good.


Some sort of plate, either buy one or make it.


Bananas and ice-cream.


I understand that this might be diffcult to make if you’re a beginner so here is youtube-tutorial so you can see how to make the Ice-cream scoop. The banana on the other hand is quite simple, just try to make the shape, and then texture it by making some slight cuts into the clay with a tool.




Begin by inserting the pipe in the bag. Make sure to cut a hole into one edge of the bag before.




Secure with scotch tape !




Role the end of the bag like this so nothing can run out !


Here is another close up of the bananas.




Pipe the cream onto the plate in the little ‚cream dots‘



Like this !


Then put the Bananas on there ! When the Cream dries everything will be super strong !


 Now add some cream to a side you prefer to put the ice cream scoops on.


Choose a colour combination you like !



Here you can see that I chose to do different designs.



Then add more Cream, if you’d like.




You can add sprinkles to your creation.


To put on the sprinkles I wet the end of a paint brush.


And then I dipped it into the micro pearls.




The you can easily place it onto the cream without making a huge mess!



FINISHED!  You can leave it like this  and use it for miniature doll houses

f.e. or you can glue a ring on the bottom when its all dried out.


I choose to put a head-pin into it to make those Banana-Splits into necklaces.


All done !

If you enjoyed this please let me know!

If you’re interested in buying those, I have listed them on my etsy !

∼ Lola Who 



When I was looking for Valentines desserts I stumbled across strawberry cookies.

I thought they were extremely cute, and recreated them. ( The link will show you just one recipe I found helpful. )



Unfortunately I didn’t have pastels that night, so I couldn’t make the cookie look more cookie-ish and or realistic.
Maybe one could achive that look by painting them with acrylic paints after baking, but I haven’t tried that.

I am happy with the more cartoonish look they now have.

The white dots (what are those called on a strawberry) are made with deco sauce that I ordered from japan. I have the sauce in white, brown and pastel pink, and it is really nice to use. You can find it on here. ( and a lot of other lovely things aswell!)



Two of the Strawberry Cookies have been turned into rings (one has been sold yay) but I still have four left and am unsure what to use them for. I thought making them into necklaces would be a sweet idea.

If you have any other ideas what I could use the cookies for please let me know!

Now that I am thinking of the cookies, I might make them irl.



Build your own Cupcake


Sorry for the bad pictures.

Just look over that.



I made these Cupcakes in spring colors, and they looked really nice on the display.

So I had the idea, that they would mix and match really nice.

The colors are all pastels, and in what ever way you mix fruits and base color they look really sweet.



If you are interested in buying those, or in building your own special cupcake-earrings you can check out my shop! It would really help me out !





I hope to be posting more the following weeks.



Life of Pie


Pies !! Also I am aware that the title is extremely original…..  …… …… I took some bottle-caps with me at the last party I went to and decided to make some pies.


It took me more than a week to finally get around to making these, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. I had some blue TSL-Clay mix leftover (I still have) from a project I totally messed up, so I made some blueberry pie. The color is kind of off, but whatever. Also the blueberry bits disappeared during the baking, so the filling doesn’t have a lot of structure which is a shame. All in all it was quite a messy project. TSL is sticky as hell.


The dough color is hand mixed, and also kind of off. You can say I really didn’t have a hand for colors that day… Those pies were more or less an experiment. As you can see in the first picture I also tried different thicknesses of the ‚dough‘ . I prefer the thicker on has the pie seems more vivid. Which pie do you prefer?

_MG_8035 _MG_8034

The cake-pieces that you can see in the pictures will appear really soon on this blog. I hope. My posting schedule has been a bit off lately as well ( everything is off OMG) but as I am mostly writing for myself..I don’t think anyone really notices.




Hearts. Yeah.




As I am extremely original at the moment, I have no other idea than to put fruits on everything.

My micropearls went missing, and those pearls were the only ones i had on hand.





Surely, those pearls make a whole lot of difference.

The frosting is deco frosting I ordered from Korea. I like it a lot. It is extremely convenient. And all though I always make a mess using it, its still my favorite thing at the moment. ( Next to my tiny oven




I hope you enjoyed those pictures of grass and flowers. I really need to find a consistent background. Preferably white.

But now it’s spring. So I will continue showing you nature till you go outside, instead of looking at pictures on the webs. (jk pls stay)


Ice-Cream or what people are looking for.


On my last artsy-fair someone told me I made a lot of Ice-cream.

I think they were right, but mostly because people never bought them, and I just kept making more, because I want to get better, obviously.

Personally I think I am more Cupcake kwazy.

But since I always display my older stuff as well it may seem like a lot of Ice-cream.

I never expect anyone to buy them though, just like to have them there.

Through-out all the fairs I’ve been on, I have noticed a pattern. People always buy one certain thing. So on one fair, I only sold Cupcake-Earrings, on another one only rings.

Then we had a day were I sold fairly anything (pun intended) , and the other week it was all Ice-cream. I think because spring is coming, and people want to look cute and urban..*cough* , but I am still really confused since I NEVER sold an Ice-cream-Charm.


I was positively surprised, I really enjoy making these, and they have been my moms favorite for a long time.


As you can see, those have a blue and green theme, since I made them for the christmas time ^_^‘ . But they are popular now. So thats good.


I hope you enjoyed this little sight inside my fair-experiences :).

Oh and let it be Christmas all the time !!


The Baking-Dilemma


Hello again!

Like I said in on of my last posts there is a reason why I’ve been absent for so long.

I am going to University now. Well not now … I started half a year ago, but because of that I had to move cities. I live in one of those tiny student apartments, which are rather inexpensive, but do lack a proper oven.

I knew I wanted to start crafting again, and I did try out a few air dry clays, but none of those convinced me. So the only possibility was to get a mini oven.

Research took me a long time, and one of the things that I noticed was that a lot of other clay artists who have tried to bake their stuff in those mini ovens had had bad experiences.

But since this was my own option I finally bought an oven for 90 €. This might seem too much for one of those, but my research had shown me, that if I were to invest, I’d better get a good one. For sure, you could get a cheap one for 20 bucks, but that shit will set a toast on fire. Mine is in the medium price range. But until I got it I was rather sceptical:



First of all let me say that the exterior is really nice. Nothing feels cheap. It has a lot of different options and the temperature goes up to 230°C. Since I was going to use it for cooking as well (if you are frowning at this, I will get to it later) I tried it first on actual food. Everything went fine, and soon after I baked my first creation.

On the web I had read the most horrific things, which made me stand by the oven the whole time, watching the time and temperature. Some people had reported that their creations just burned in an instant, I was so scared. Everything went well again, but let’s be real here. I wasn’t going to do that every time … standing next to the oven, completely stressed out … So I looked on the web again and I found recommendations to thermostats:

IMG_8019I really think this is crucial when using a mini oven. Even though mine is good, it still isn’t the correct temperature. Usually there is a difference of 5 to 10 °C less then I wanted. Which isn’t such a bad thing to be honest, better than to hot.

Now the other thing that I found out was that it gives me safety. As I said I wanted to use the oven for food as well. The problem with this is that Fimo, the clay I use, can give of gas if it is overheated which can be unhealthy. Good thing is you can smell it, so you always now. But because I want to be safe, when I use the oven for food, I make sure there are no strange smells inside. I usually have no problems with smelling clay, but if it was going to happen in the future I would clean the oven out (not a big deal, the thing isn’t that big) and then turn it on without anything inside. Just like I had to do when I got the device first. I haven’t baked that much clay in the oven yet, but I might do that cleaning-part regularly in the future just to be sure.

I am still sceptical on whether or not I am doing the right thing, but I will let you know if I get horribly ill. JK I have smelled the Fimo before in real ovens, and I was a bit insecure about that as well. I am being really careful. Also I am not planning to be living here so much longer, and when I move again I will be sure to check if the place has a real oven ;).

But if you are thinking of getting a mini oven, maybe because you are scared that it could be a health hazard baking it in your normal oven, than I can just say invest in a good one and a thermostat. It is definitely worth it. I will be only using my mini oven in the future (t death do us part).

I am open for any questions.

Happy Baking!!