…a Creative Crisis…

Lola thinks about..

..or is what I am doing useful in anyway?..

Today I wanted to address a problem, which I was struggling with some time ago. You can read about some of those concerns here

I wanted to bring it to the table again, because I saw one of my fellow miniature makers questioning herself in the description of an instagram picture.

And I don’t mean, she was asking herself a question, no no.. She was questioning in which way her work was useful.

And that is when it hit me. Others in my field of art are also thinking the same! (One is never really alone, but everyone always thinks that instead of asking others if their having the same doubts/thought/troubles..smh)

Because of that I thought I’d write a blogpost to maybe help out others who are having similar thoughts.

So is making miniatures useful?!

Not in the literal sense of the word. A miniature literally just sits in a corner and catches dust.

But if that is a criterium for being „not-useful“, than there are a lot of things and jobs for that matter which could be useless.

We are unfortunately fortunate, to have the privilege of living in the first world. A world filled with wealth, so filled in fact that people need things to show they are wealthier than their neighbor. So they buy jewelry..and later electronics.. or expensive porcelain and silver cutlery…

All things that are rather unimportant and not really useful..they’re mainly for entertainment.. ok, yes you need cutlery at some point of the day..but does it have to be silver?

New jobs appeared out of nowhere to fill privileged peoples wishes.

And having a dollhouse is one of those wishes.

A dollhouse filled with tiny miniature foods.

So..there is a need for it right? Because some people are asking for it.

But is it..“useful“?

No. That is at least my opinion. Yeah sure your work might make someone happy.That#s a ‚useful‘-trait. But that isn’t really what you want the answer to this question to be, is it?

NO it’s not helpful in a way that you’re helping poor Children in need. Your work is not curing diseases or solving world hunger.

But you know what. So is a lot of work! And you’re privileged to live in a place where people want to buy miniature food (jewelry) and making those people happy has/is a purpose. So stop complaining!

For me personally it was never in sight to be anything else than a art person. In our world they’re is no need anymore for certain jobs, but on the other hand there is a need for different new jobs f.e. Digital Design.

And yes it is weird thinking that you can’t really save the life of your neighbor if something ever happened to them.. But a lot of people can’t do that. You’re not the only one!

A film that I really recommend, which also touches on this topic is : „Hector and the Search for Happiness“ . The movie has a whole lot to say in general. Definitely a ‚must-watch‘.But basically it’s about a psychologist who’s looking for what makes people happy. And at one point he asks whether or no his profession is actually of need.

Let’s put it like this:

If what you’re doing makes you and other people happy than that’s a good thing! Even if the happiness comes from being a privileged brat who is able to spend their life doing something they really really love. Like Crafting.

If this thought is still bothering you, look into project that you could help out or donate a certain % of each item you sell to a charity that you like.

That’s at least what I am doing at the moment. Looking for a project.

Let’s help out in our area. We can’t all be doctors without borders. Mostly because we are no doctors…

But there was another answer to the original question which was left by a different lovely ‚colleague‘ who replied to her saying something around the lines that Art is never useless or unnecessary…

Which is definitely a way to look at the topic.

Personally, as someone who is studying Art (oops ikr) I do believe that there can be useless art which isn’t really saying anything. There is a reason why a lot of modern and contemporary art is provocative and really important for our society.

I like to look at art with the question..does it change anything? And a lot of the times it does..in my way of thinking for example. Or even looking at it in a certain way.

Is miniature food.. changing anything? Yeah. I guess it is changing work techniques. And interests of people. And all in all..clay as it is gives everyone a great creative outlet. But does miniature food change our society in any way? Mostly not I believe. But does it have to? Maybe..maybe not..That depends on your own views of Art and what you expect to get out of it.

But the whole ‚What is Art‘-Discussion is a whole different book.

So let’s get back to the point.

If you’re feeling like your work is useless or unnecessary in anyway change that! In a way that gives you enough reason to continue what you’re doing.

For me that is indeed looking for an organisation to help out, and always remembering : There are people I bring joy to in this world. And if I am not working for those few people what would be the purpose.

Stay happy people! And don’t suppress thoughts. Find solutions to your problems and solve them.




..on a few years of crafting…

Lola looks back...
I went home for a week last week, which was lovely but caused a lot of time problems. ( My meringue tutorial was shot on one morning before class) So since I have a lot of things coming my way the next couple of weeks I thought I’d do a look back on my work!
I am unable to say when I made most of these, but I think they were made two to three years ago!
The ring was the latest if I remember correctly. I never sold it, as it can’t stand the standard of my other tarte rings, but I believe it was my first ever tarte!
This heart has actual nail polish on it ! And as you can see the beads are glass pearls. I purchased micro pearls soon after, but this is a favorite of mine!
These croissant went so wrong I only ever tried remaking them once. You can’t really see it in the picture, but they’re extremely flat. And the texture and color are also wrong. My second attempt went a lot better, but it took me so much time I decided to not re-do them any time soon.
This orange is one of the few kawaii charms I made, I loved kawaii things back then, and I still enjoy the work of a few clay artists you make those, but I personally don’t like making them. Also faces are hard !!
The next heart was made still without micro pearls, but for this I cut little sprinkles myself. The texture looks really good I have to admit. I guess the frosting is fimo liquid, but I honestly can’t remember, or tell the difference.
I hope you enjoyed this little trip into the past of my craft work, but now lets go back to the future !
As I said, I am doing quite a lot of things at the moment, so I can’t guaranty consistency, but I’ll try.
Happy first of June !
Lola Who

Crazy Macaron Cake Tutorial !


Today I will show you how to make a crazy tiny macaron cake!

I recreated the design by this lovely lady (angesdesucre), so if you’d like to purchase an actual amazing cake, go check her out!

You will need:

  1. clay in the colors you preferthumb__MG_8401_1024
  2. this tutorial on how to make tiny macarons
  3. fimo liquid and sculpy TLS →→→→→→♥
  4. some tools similar to the ones in the pictures
  5. and good light.

Let’s begiiiiiiiin !

First form a cylinder. Flatten it on both sides!


Now you have to make the chocolate cream !

I took a little bit of clay (still to much) and put some liquid clay and some TLS on it. You may have to add more liquidy things later on.


Than I take my spatula and cut the clay in pieces.. Depending on your tools you might want to do that before you add the TLS.


This process will take a little way, it als depends on your clays softness.

After a while you can press it and mix it better.


Just try your best.


After a while it should look like this. Continue till all the lumps disappeared.



When you’re finished you can start to add the cream to your ‚cake‘.



And then suddenly it looks perfect ! JK obviously skipped some steps. Add a small glob onto the cake and drag it down the sides to get this dripping effect the original cake has.This will be sticky as..h….oney…if your cream is too sticky and won’t move you can add some fimo liquid (not TLS)


As you can see mine is rather big and globby, but thats ok for me, even though it’s not an exact replica of the original cake.


Now it is time to add your macarons. Now, I prefer baking them for 5 minutes before hand, so you can touch them without accidentally squishing them.



I wanted mine to stand 🙂


Decorate the cake in what ever way you like !



I put some sprinkles on like I could see in the reference picture.



Yeah and this is the end !!

I hope you enjoyed this follow up tutorial for last weeks tutorial 🙂

If you’ve got any requests please let me now ! I am wondering about tutorials, as I see now use in making tutorials that have already been done.


Lola Who

…Dreams and Accomplishment…

Lola thinks about..

…and how the world made some of us think there is no time to find happiness AND money.

(Also. Continuity.)

I have always loved baking. Because I was good at it. Still am, but now I don’t want to be come a baker anymore. Not because of the working hours but the hard live.

Some of you may know, I am young, still in my first year of university, graduated from high school a year ago, and the question ‚what do you want to be when you grow up‘ still hasn’t been answered. It also hasn’t decided on one direction yet, still changing every hour.

„But how are you studying then ?!“ Some of you may ask. Currently studying art (-education) which leaves me with some options afterwards. It’s not the finest of professions, art I mean, but it is what my parents always saw me doing in the future, and it is what makes me somewhat happy.

But CAKES! I love/d cakes so much, I dream/ed of my own café. But I was always under the impression that you can’t do that without proper education.

Recently I found out that a lot of bakers in the industry who are doing more than well, actually never trained to become one!

Do you now what that could mean? Don’t let your dreams be restricted due to university or schools, just do what you feel like doing ! Maybe you’ll be amazing at it ! Of course there are still bills to pay so do your work, but don’t think you can never do what you dreamed of just because you didn’t learn it.

Yes, school is an important factor for most things, but if your dreams can be achieved on another way, than consider it.

I have met a boy in a creative writing class who was absolutely amazing, but never thought of going further into literature, because he didn’t see a realistic future for himself and I think that’s ok !

I don’t (really) believe in a future for my baking skills, but that won’t stop me from baking and getting better at it. Maybe it will work who knows.

Stop dreaming (sort of). Not all things can be achieved in a professional way. You can not (probably) be a doctor/baker/philosopher/mountain-climber/writer of novels.

But you could be a doctor who bakes amazing cakes on weekends and thinks about philosophy while climbing mountains twice a year and also published their mountain thoughts on tumblr. (That is of course if you’re a dentist or you don’t work at a hospital. If you are a doctor for brains, I doubt you enjoy baking, but maybe writing a desertion about brainy-things. Who knows)

Don’t focus on too many things. Be a master at one, and be great at a few things. Life isn’t as short as you think, but it still isn’t long enough to be a master at everything.

Maybe you’ll become a Julia Child when you go into pension.

DISCLAIMER: All of the above applies to people who are happy with their jobs.

I can’t speak for anyone in tough work situations. Not everyone has an easy live.

But if you believe you could spare the littlest portion of your time and dedicate it to your dreams, than do so. It may open you a new window.

Also fuck social media. Steals your time and your happiness. Those sites are literally screaming : „you will never accomplish your dreams“

Obviously not if you’re under the delusion the world is like candy crush and the next level is relatively easy to reach.

Baby steps. Baby steps.

Also ( racist joke) think about a french person saying ‚I need Happiness‘.

What does that mean for myself? Going to finish university with a B.o.A., than follow with my plans, all while I will continue with Lola Who. I won’t have a lot of time, but that’s ok because I know this makes me happier than just using my free time to watch netflix. And in between I might find the time to bake cupcakes. And if not thats ok, I still have my miniatures. ( Also Julia Child Plan)

I hope you could follow my thoughts on this, and don’t feel offend ‚cause I didn’t put light on your situation.

I am just putting some thoughts together that fit my generations of first world ‚children‘. And some behaviors I have noticed by students at my university.

If you’re interested in this topic or my thoughts, here’s another post I made.



..Creativity and Fame (and the right reason?!)

Lola thinks about..

Today I want to talk about a topic that has been close to my heart for some while now, and even though I’ve been looking at it from different perspectives I am still confused. 

I have been active and inactive on Instagram and my follower count shows that.

So since I have decided to give all of this a second try, I looked more into the accounts of people of my community who have thousands of followers. 

Now let me say. The ones that have the biggest follower count are the most active and also the most hard working. Some of them put all of their heart and time into making their business grow. And some of them managed doing that in a really short amount of time. 

I can just assume how much money and where they spent that money to get enough recognition, but that is not really important for me. 

I am mostly wondering about people who have 2-4K Followers. 

For me that is a giant number. For you it might not be, but those people make good business with their account. 

Most of them are still in high school, and can use the money they make for their future, so what they’re gaining isn’t really a monthly income, more like big pocket money. 

But as some of them are still in high school, they’re still developing their skills, which can sometimes be underwhelming. So why do they have this follower count, when there are many people out there working harder and having more skills? People who decided to make polymer clay their job. And who don’t have the recognition they deserve.

NOTE: For me it’s still a hobby.

Personally I just want to make a enough money to live independently from my parents, which have to give me money even though I will have a job by next month and even though I am living in a student apartment, which are cheaper than normal apartments. 

So making a few extra bugs each month would really help me out, so for that I started looking into online shops again. 

If you’re thinking this is a shallow reason to start doing this again I must assume you’re still to young to live on your own. 

I have been going to fairs/shows to sell my jewelry for two years now, and had the most fun doing this, even though I rarely got the rent (for standing there) back. 

Displaying my Creations on the internet was more of a burden though. So I didn’t do that often. 

But now that I’ve given myself a purpose with this internet thing, and an actual schedule making me treat this hobby more like a job I am enjoying this ‚job‘ quite a lot. 

My ideas which had been buried under self-consciousness the past year have come back, as I am thinking what can I do to pop out between all the other talented people. 

Coming up with new ideas every week gives me extreme creativity flows which haven’t turned into rivers, but who knows that might happen. 

Sometimes doing things just for the fun of it doesn’t get you were you want to be. 

But sometimes doing it to stand on your own feet, or to stand out from the crowd, or to be famous can give you enough purpose to actually find the (long lost) fun (again). 

I am happy with my decision and willing to keep going until I am where I want to be. I want to inspire and I want to live happy with my work. 

And I am onto the second point already.

And even though I still don’t understand what makes people more famous than others that might be even better, I will work on myself and do what I can to reach my goals instead of envying others. 

Creativity and the life of Artists is full of rivalry and sadly not romantic at all. Doing things for ‚good‘ reasons might not satisfy you and that is totally o-k-a-y! Give yourself a reason that gets you going and start. And if that is to ‚become crazy internet-famous‘ as the lovely Ben Cook says, than do so. But please don’t forget to be kind to people on your journey because you can’t make it on your own. Sometimes everybody needs help. 

If this text-post helped you in any way ( i hope) please let me know and share my work with friends ! It would really really really lik-e help me!

And if you have had doubts about your reasons to begin with something, fucking start doing what you want to get where you want to be ! 

Lots of love !

∼Lola Who