..On tiny cake trays..

Lola looks back...

This week I finally got around to use my magnets for the purpose I bought them for.

I made tiny cake or food trays that you can put on your fridge!

Here are some picture:






This is the only cake tray you will see for now, I have made a tutorial for another one that I will upload on Thursday!



Making these was a lot of fun!

And I’ll be selling these! Make sure to follow my shop on etsy to see when I put them up for sell!


Lola Who


..on a few years of crafting…

Lola looks back...
I went home for a week last week, which was lovely but caused a lot of time problems. ( My meringue tutorial was shot on one morning before class) So since I have a lot of things coming my way the next couple of weeks I thought I’d do a look back on my work!
I am unable to say when I made most of these, but I think they were made two to three years ago!
The ring was the latest if I remember correctly. I never sold it, as it can’t stand the standard of my other tarte rings, but I believe it was my first ever tarte!
This heart has actual nail polish on it ! And as you can see the beads are glass pearls. I purchased micro pearls soon after, but this is a favorite of mine!
These croissant went so wrong I only ever tried remaking them once. You can’t really see it in the picture, but they’re extremely flat. And the texture and color are also wrong. My second attempt went a lot better, but it took me so much time I decided to not re-do them any time soon.
This orange is one of the few kawaii charms I made, I loved kawaii things back then, and I still enjoy the work of a few clay artists you make those, but I personally don’t like making them. Also faces are hard !!
The next heart was made still without micro pearls, but for this I cut little sprinkles myself. The texture looks really good I have to admit. I guess the frosting is fimo liquid, but I honestly can’t remember, or tell the difference.
I hope you enjoyed this little trip into the past of my craft work, but now lets go back to the future !
As I said, I am doing quite a lot of things at the moment, so I can’t guaranty consistency, but I’ll try.
Happy first of June !
Lola Who

..on some cake..

Lola looks back...

During the last 3 to 2 weeks, I got a lot more into cake blogs/instagrams.
And pugs, but that is a different story 😀

I don’t know how familiar you are with the Facebook groups and the trouble it is to have a Facebook page, but basically, since it is difficult to find an audience without using ads, groups have been build up to help each other out by liking the pages of group members.

Now, I can’t say yet how useful that actually is because you’re not really getting an interactive audience and that what everybody is really looking for, but that is another story (again).

The people in those groups are from different kinds of craft arts, so you do get a wider mass to notice you (maybe?) but I found a lot of bakers on this way.

In my post on Friday I talked about how I wanted to become a baker myself, so you understand where I am coming from when I say that I find these blogs mesmerizing.

Now I am obviously not new to this community, but I stopped being interested when all those crazy cake sculptors popped out of nowhere, all basically making ‚fondant‘ their number one baking tool.
But let’s be real here, fondant is just gross. And crazy cake in the from of faces just isn’t my thing.

Good to know now that butter cream finished cakes are in style again. And they’re so so beautiful.

Lots of artist are using pastels and earthy colors now, as well as real plain, or sugar coated flowers as decorations.

The results are much more beautiful, in some sort more simplistic looking cakes, which at least to me seem more appetizing.

My community of polymer clay sculptors has been doing cake recreations for a while now, but these kinds haven’t been tried out yet.

That might be because of the crazy flower details, or maybe because they haven’t stumbled across these cakes yet, but I tried to recreate a simpler cake by angesdesucre which I have done a tutorial on yesterday.

Click on the picture to see the Tutorial.

Whilest I was modeling this cake I also tried to remake another cake by her, which I like a lot better and the details in this one were a little bit more challenging as well.


I tried to make miniature pretzels, but oh well, I might have to try this again, I believe there is a tutorial on Youtube :).


During the following weeks I will try to make more cakes after the current real cake trend, and I may try to bake some real ones aswell. Though I think cupcakes are easier :P.

I am sick and home at my parents at the moment, till Wednesday *woooh* so I might bake :). Unfortunately university doesn’t get sick and I still have to come up with an new idea for a short film this semester. (The topic is family again, so if you’ve got a plan please let me know, I am lost) So I will see what the future hold for me.

So, onto the next week *heroic pose with a cake knife*


Lola Who

…on a lazy week..

Lola looks back...

..and cake.

The picture you can see is a sneekpeek of next weeks tutorial, and some new products that will be on my etsy soon.

I have recreated the cake by angesdesucre. Which was a lot of fun but also quite difficult. Tiny macarons are a pain in the buttocks. You can find out yourself in this tutorial ! Short version : Try to not pock yourself in the eye :D.

My Facebook interaction has been blooming this week, thanks to those cool crafter groups who make it the number one purpose to support each other, as Facebook makes it nearly impossible to be found without using god damn adds. Actually that’s the whole internet.

But I have to say it is lovely to see more of the community and hear about other peoples struggles. That might sound a bit cold-hearted, but it really isn’t. Hearing about problems that have happened to oneself and being able to help out others with your gained knowledge is great! And also it is nice to know others deal with the same shit. For example knowing if what one’s doing/making/creating actually interests the youth ( I should know, but I really don’t dammit),or anyone really . Keep up with those beautiful dragons polymer clay artist !!!!

I also tried to initiate a contest on this blog, but I failed miserably. Apparently treasure hunts are out of fashion or something. Or the price might not be pompous enough, I don’t know, it will stay up until one lucky visitor stumbles across it. It will be like one of those ‚million visitor‘ surprises in supermarkets (the ones that only happen in films and tv shows) that must have been planned for ages, but no customer actually ever knew about it.

If you are interested in going on a treasure hunt though, check it out here

Well this was my week…. I think..

Hello to all my knew followers btw ! I am really happy to have y’all on board of my boat cafe ! Actually a boat cafe is not such a good idea if I think about it.. :/ #motionsickness


Lola Who

p.s. I forgot to watch mockingly part 1. lived with the impression that I had seen it. Lying to myself actually worked. truth is horrible.

..on the month full of films…

Lola looks back...

My April was so fast, I can’t even believe it’s already May.

When you’re reading this I will be attending the Oberhausen Short Film Festival. So many films to watch!

I hope I will have a good time there 🙂

Films have been a huge thing for me lately. Mostly because I had to make one myself 😀 It was a great experience which taught me a lot about my own crafty/filmy abilities and I watched a lot of films to learn a bit more about technical things in this business.

I also got the chance to make a trailer for a Sci-Fi Festival which is happening in my University Town. If you want to watch it, here is the link.

I also will be going to this event, as I haven’t seen most of the films they will be showing. And I am pretty excited 😀 .

This month was a good month. I got into a certain rhythm (which i am destroying right now as it is nearly 1 am) and I started doing a lot of clay work again.

The past week has been an exception though as I did not clay a lot, and I haven’t uploaded any pictures to this blog :D.

But as I have mentioned on my last text-post ( i think) I have got a few new ideas lined up so stay tuned for that.

Well I hope you enjoyed this little update, and that your first weekend in may will be wonderful.

What was you favorite movie this month?

∼Lola Who

…on a sunny week in April…

Lola looks back...

..in which she did all things in a new way.

This week I created quite a few things, and I made an effort to properly take care of all my social media accounts that are associated with Lola Who/ LolaWhoCharms.

My journey to success and great content will be a long one, but I am working on new ideas !

So far I’ve decided to post on this blog three times a week, under the categories : Lola thinks..; Tutorials and Lola looks back..

In the first one I will talk about my thought on techniques, products or new news in the polymer clay community.

In the second one I will show a simple tutorial.

And in the last one ( which is this one right now) I a, going to look back on something.

If you have ideas or tips for any of these topics please let me know ! I would love to hear your thoughts !

But for today we will look back on my past week:

I went home this weekend and created some new Tea-Bag-Buddies for the shop in Berlin  where you can find some of my creations! If you ever have the chance to stay in Berlin please check it out !


Those are my friends of the week, I made a few more, but I didn’t have time to take pictures on till now.

Also in this week I started doing more decoden again !

I actually started last week, but this week was big for me !


I made four boxes that will appear on my etsy by next week !

So stay tuned if you are interested ! This orange beauty is already available !

Next on I made some phone accessories which where waiting so long to be finally finished !

I hope you like these ! I enjoy them a lot !


The colors are all lilac, but if you are interested in other ones please contact me ! You can finde these one here !

Before that I finished those accessories that can also be put on your phone !


I made quite a few ! You can finde more here !


Here is another friendly face of a TBB ! I think I will also put them on etsy, to see how they will do !

I also finally got around to use this book mark which I had saved for soo long !

I like how it turned out. 


I chose the colours to match the bronze look. You can find it here if you’re interested !

I hope you enjoyed this look back on my week, and stay tuned for my upcoming projects !

∼Lola Who